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The Big Island truly is big. With so much area to cover and so much variety throughout there is a lot of possibility for exploration and adventure. Our adventure experts at Ali’i Adventure Shack are well versed with the tours and excursions available in Kona. We can assess your preferences and help you decide on what kind of excursions best suit your interests and abilities. It’s important that you effectively use your time while here on island.

We don’t do time-share sales. We recognize your time on vacation is valuable and so we want to help you make the most of it by doing what makes you feel like you’re getting the most out of your trip. We offer tours that time-share booths don’t going above and beyond to provide the best excursion for you and your family. Our adventure experts recognize your needs require a unique solution and we would love to help you find that thing that makes you want to get up early on your trip and be excited for the day to come. Whether its an easy day full of adventure, relaxing on the beach, an active day, or a day filled with far flung excursions to Hawaii’s most remote spots we know you’re going to love your Big Island experience.

Because of it’s size the world’s largest mountain in the middle of the ocean is known as the Big Island of Hawaii. The vastness of this space includes many different climates and landscapes. From moonlike mars scapes, to lush tropical valleys there are so many options when it comes to excursions it can be daunting getting the family to agree on where to start. That’s where we can help. Kona, Hawaii excursions are available for all kinds of people with all kinds of desires. Whether you have transportation or not there is a tour or activity available to you.

Kona itself is home to many unique tours and excursions. The world-famous manta ray snorkel and dive can only be found here and should be at the top of any visitor’s bucket list. Kona coffee is world-famous and visiting the farms can be a relaxing way to tour nearby. Hiking atop Kona’s Hualalai mountain in search of giant craters in the cloud forest is a unique sight most visitors will never see elsewhere and is available right in our backyard. During the winter months whale watching tours are popular. The humpback whales migrate down to Kona every year and can be very playful. Dolphin tours and excursions are a great way to see Kona’s wildlife and snorkel some beautiful reef visiting Kealakekua Bay home of the Captain Cook monument.

Many Kona tours begin here and end up on other parts of the island. For the more adventurous, ziplining over waterfalls and ATV rides will take you through lush valleys on the windward side of the island. Tour the volcano or see the stars up close and personal from the top of Mauna Kea. Circle the Island tours on any other island would be relatively quick. On the Big Island it takes 12 hours! There truly is so much to see. Leaving Kona at 8 you will arrive back in Kona at 8 having seen all of the the major highlights the big island has to offer whew! Since there is such a variety of scenery we always recommend bringing all of your clothing options when taking an excursion. In a single day you could be hiking on top of a snow-covered mountain only to find your self sipping your beverage of choice by the beach hours later!

For foodies there are many Kona Hawaii excursions located in or near Kona town. Tour the only chocolate farm and production facility in the United States right here in Kona. Our local breweries offer beers, ciders, and seltzers made with local ingredients sourced right here in Kona. Tours are available of the breweries daily. Kona is also home to a bee farm that makes honey from unique flowers and produces queens for the rest of the world’s hives. Learn all about how honey is made and sample some of the best honey in the world. The Vanillerie offers daily tours of Kona’s only vanilla bean farm. See how the flowers are pollinated and the beans develop into the delicious flavor we all have come to know. Of course our macadamia nut and coffee farms are worth a visit. Kona has a large farming industry producing half of Hawai’i State’s agriculture production. Do you like chocolate? Learn the process of making chocolate. See the pods growing and the way they take the beans and turn them into yummy bars. You will be amazed by what you see.

Some excursions require an extra level of adventurous spirit. Are you certified to scuba dive? Kona is home to Hawaii’s best diving with the Manta ray dive and the morning dive being particularly exceptional. For more intrepid advanced divers we offer an extra level of excitement. Try the blackwater dive tour. Tethered to a boat 3 miles off shore in thousands of feet of seawater you will encounter some of the strangest and most amazing critters you have ever seen! On an advanced long-range dive tour you will be happy to see just how good diving Hawaii can truly be. Are you

Want to get a taste of Hawaii while staying nearby? You don’t even have to leave Kona, tours are available right here! Hop on a Segway and get a personalized tour of Kona’s historic town and the surrounding sights. Snorkeling and diving can be had steps away from the shack departing right from the pier. Take a historic dinner cruise tour of Kona’s coast. Parasailing is an easy way to spend a lazy afternoon silently watching the beautiful bay and the surrounding mountains from the best view around. Take the plunge in a submarine and see the abundance of life that you never knew existed before. The reefs of Kailua Bay are abundant with life. Scuba divers can do a guided shore dive of Kailua Bay while the family hangs out at the beach.

Kona Hawaii excursions and tours are one of the best way to see all that the Big Island has to offer. Stop by the shack or give us a call. You’re going to be amazed by all of the options available to you.