Kona Ocean and Beach Rentals

Ali’i Adventure Shack offers loads of rental options for the whole family. There are so many things to do in Kona and we provide the gear you need to get it done. Kona’s rugged coast has many beaches and coves suitable for kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and paddleboarding. Relaxing on the beach under an umbrella Kona sand on your toes and a cold one in your hand is always an option too. 😎

We have the best kayak rental Kona has to offer! Check out our kayak rental deal! Rent a Kayak for the whole family! We offer kid’s kayak rentals. You can tow your child behind creating your very own kayak caravan. Kayaks are best for people who have a spirit of adventure and don’t mind going out of the way to get to Kona’s nicer more secluded spots. We provide everything you need to have a great kayak rental Kona adventure. Life jackets, paddles, straps with pads for securing your Kayak to your vehicle, and of course your rental kayak! Wheel your kayak rental Kona across the street and head out along Kailua bay’s coast in search of marine life. Want to explore farther and wider? We have options. There are so many great places to launch kayaks in Kona but some are better than others. Just ask us and we will be happy to help you find the best spot to kayak Kona’s coast. If you’re lucky you may spot whales, dolphins, turtles and many other kinds of marine life commonly found here in Kona. We offer one of the best Kayak rental Kona deals in town and our gear is top notch too!

For the best snorkel rental Kona has to offer visit Ali’i Adventures. Snorkel rentals are best for people who love to be in the water. Snorkel gear is also so easy to add on to other rentals because once you get to the beach and paddle out it’s a great time to get in and look around underwater. Looking for the best snorkeling spots? We happen to be located right next to one of the best on the island. There are many more and we can help advise you where to go with your snorkel rental equipment. Snorkeling Kona can be pretty magical and with our superior quality gear, you’re gonna love what you see. There are so many wonderful fish and sealife feet away from our location! Rent a set of snorkel gear and stroll across the street Kailua bay, one of Kona’s best snorkeling spots. Afterward, you and the fam can chill on the beach in Kona umbrella overhead lounging in our comfy rental chairs. Kona’s water’s are incredibly clear with lot’s of reef and things to see. If you’re lucky you may spot a manta, turtle, monk seal or a pod of dolphins! Swing by Ali’i Adventure Shack where you will get outfitted and ready to take on the island. We can provide you with advice on where to snorkel. There are so many spots, some much better than others. Rent a kayak, and paddle out to captain cook monument. Once there you can snorkel one of Hawaii’s best reefs. This popular snorkel spot has some dramatic scenery and often dolphins can be seen resting here.

Want to see downtown Kona and the surrounding area while being connected to the outdoors? looking to explore more of the island than a car ride can provide? We have the best bike rental Kona has to offer. Renting a bike opens up so many options. Bikes are great for people who love to see more of the outdoors without the pain and time required by walking. Downtown Kona is only a quick ride. Stop by the farmers market to pick up some exotic fruit or locally made jewelry for the family. Bike down Ali’i drive to Magic Sands beach where you can use your snorkel rental and beach chairs. With a bike rental Kona becomes so much smaller than it already is! Ride 7 miles down to the End of the World at the end of Ali’i drive and cliff jump into the water. Swim around with your snorkel rental equipment and get cooled off and ride your bike back to the shack. There are so many things to do in Kona and so many ways to experience the beauty of our natural environment. When you rent a bike from us we will provide all of the necessary equipment including helmets, and racks for your vehicle. There are so many great spots to visit by bike. You’re going to love cruising around town with the wind blowing past and the smell of the ocean waves in the air. You will pass by many beaches and surf spots in a short amount of time with a bike rental. Rent a bike for a few hours, a day, week, or by the month.

Beaching it in Kona can be a serious challenge. Sand disappears during the winter and waves can pick up. The number of sandy beaches is limited. Fortunately we have an easy solution. Take your umbrella and beach chairs across the street to Kamakahonu beach and the whole family can hang out for the day. With your beach rental setup we provide the most complete rental setup in Kona. Umbrella, chairs, toys, and coolers make for a complete experience. And when you’re done with it all you simply drop it off. Kona’s sandy beaches often have surf to play and ride waves in. That is why we also offer bodyboard rentals. Some beaches in Kona don’t have waves at all. Stop by and we can advise on which beach is best for your busy itinerary. Most beaches offer plenty of sun but it can be difficult to find shade in kona umbrellas provide the needed relief from the heat. Protective sun wear is important in Kona where the sun can be extremely intense.

No matter the adventure ahead Ali’i adventure shack would like to offer you the best way to enjoy your island holiday. Stop by and we can talk about your kayak rental Kona options and how to plan your day.