A Look at Kona Snorkel Tours and Kona Snorkeling Options

There are a number of Kona snorkeling options here on the Big Island of Hawaii. From Kona snorkel tours that take you down to Kealakekua Bay, around the Big Island coastline, whale watching or perhaps even get you in the water to swim with dolphins. Another option is to rent your own snorkel equipment and head out on your own Kona snorkeling adventure.
Here at Ali’i Adventures we offer some of the best rates, if not the best, of Kona snorkeling equipment; if you find a cheaper price let us know and we’ll beat it. We offer snorkel equipment for rent as well as equipment for sale whether you are looking for snorkel items such as masks, snorkels, and fins, or full sets. Not only do we offer the best prices in town as well as top of the line equipment but we have an unbeatable location. We are located in the heart of Kailua Kona Down at Ali’i drive just across the street from Kailua Bay. There are two beaches you can access from Ali’i Adventures within a 30 second walk; one on the left of Kailua Pier and one on the right of Kailua Pier. Both of these beaches offer fantastic snorkeling. When snorkeling at either of these beaches we are often lucky enough to see dolphins, turtles, manta rays, sometimes whales, and an abundance of smaller creatures on the reefs in the bay. These locations are some of the best Kona snorkeling spots on the island.
We pride ourselves on being very flexible to meet your needs. Our snorkeling rental equipment can be tailored for whatever length you would like to rent the equipment for. We offer hourly, daily, weekly, and even monthly pricing. The longer you rent your Kona snorkeling equipment from us, the cheaper it becomes. When you come by Ali’i Adventures don’t forget to take a look at our other rental equipment for your snorkeling days. We have plenty of other rental equipment from beach chairs and coolers, to paddle boards and surfboards, to kayaks and wet suits. Chances are if you want it for your time on Big Island, we will have it available for you.
It is a great idea to take some time and explore the rest of the island with your snorkel equipment. There are some fantastic locations for snorkeling at the southern point of the island, the northern point of the island, as well as the eastern part of the island towards Hilo. It is fascinating to see how different the reefs are underwater from different parts of the island. Different places for snorkeling across the island also offer different marine life. In one part of the island there might be many dolphins yet on another part of the island there might be more turtles. So, it is important to take your snorkeling equipment around the island and explore this. Be sure two delegate a day or at least half a day to Kealakekua Bay. This spot is one of Big Island’s and Hawaii’s most famous locations for snorkeling. Kealakekua Bay is located in Captain Cook just South of Kona, about a 20 minute drive. You can access Kealakekua Bay from another point farther South which is more of a 40 minute drive from Kona. However perhaps one of the best ways to access Kealakekua Bay is via Kona snorkel tours . Kona snorkel tours will allow you to see the bay in its entirety from the ocean. It is a very regal bay with a steep cliff line so viewing it from the water puts into perspective the magnificence of this location. Of the Kona snorkel tours that we offer this is one of the best sellers. It is about a four hour trip that takes place in the morning. The trip begins by heading south from the harbor in between Kona and the airport. We cruise along the coastline looking for marine life such as spinner dolphins. Continuing on, we reach Captain Cook and the beloved Kealakekua Bar. Here we jump in the water and enjoy snorkeling the clear waters of the bay and abundance of marine life. Following this exciting stop, we enjoy some snacks and beverages on board our boat while we tell you a little bit of the history of the Captain Cook area and monument. Then we head out to look for dolphins. Here we are pretty much always lucky enough to find the dolphins which brings us to one of the highlights of the trip as we can jump in the water here and swim with the wild dolphins. After we spend some time playing with our aquatic friends we hop back in the boat and take a bit of an eco tour cruise back towards the harbor. Sometimes on this leg of the journey we are even able to see whales. Whales are seasonal here in Hawaii but we are often fortunate enough to even see them breaching or simply playing.
For your Kona snorkeling options it is a fantastic idea to do at least one Kona snorkel tour as well as hanging on to a set of snorkeling equipment for the duration of your stay so you can explore all the unique spots of the Big Island. Be sure to speak with the friendly staff at Ali’i Adventures about all the different circle spots on the Big Island. They are well versed in all locations as well as any particulars you might be looking for in regard to your snorkeling experience or beach days. For those who are looking to access slightly more remote locations to snorkel, speak with the Ali’i Adventures staff about renting a kayak or a paddle board to access such locations. Both paddle boards and kayaks have the ability to strap down your snorkel equipment so when you reach your desired location you can jump off, gear up, and tow your paddle board or kayak behind you while snorkeling your special spot.
We look forward to speaking with you about all your snorkeling needs here in Kona Hawaii!