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  • Located steps away from beautiful Kailua Bay
  • High quality rental equipment
  • Flexible rental use and rates
  • Home of the 1 hour deal
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Just a bit About Us

Ali’i Adventures was founded by 3 people who have a passion for business and a love of the outdoors
Shari Sicsko is an avid outdoors and fitness expert. Shari runs 9 miles every morning, scuba dives and snorkels during the day and then paddleboards in the evening. Shari owns Kona Snorkel Trips and when she’s not guiding snorkelers she’s traveling to international destinations to scuba dive some of the world’s best reefs

Blaine Williams is a scuba diving boat captain working with Kona Honu Divers as a head captain. Blaine loves diving when he’s not driving.

Byron Kay is the owner of Kona Honu Divers, Kona Freedivers, and Kona Snorkel Trips. He loves to spend all of his time off adventuring above and below the surface. Byron’s been swimming since the age of 1. His water comfort lead him into scuba and freediving from an early age. Sharing his love for freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and hiking with his wife and 2 sons.

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Ali’i Adventure Shack is located in the heart of downtown Kailua Kona just a few feet away from the ocean and Kona’s beautiful Kailua Bay. We specialize in adventure, providing the equipment and activities you’ll need to enjoy all that the Big Island has to offer. We rent snorkel, kayak, sup paddleboard, shore diving, and beach equipment rentals. We also offer swim and snorkel gear for sale in our shack. Take advantage of our try before you buy program. If you rent a piece of equipment and you like it take the cost of the rental off of the purchase of a new piece of gear.

We love the outdoors. The Big Island has some of the best outdoor adventures and things to do in Kona. We have the best Kayak rental Kona deals. While the family relaxes on the beach with our beach rental you can feel free to explore the rugged Kona Coast.

We have the best snorkel rentals in Kona. Our high-quality snorkel gear is offered at the best prices in town. Not to mention we are located a few steps away from magical Kailua bay where the snorkeling is some of the best in Kona. If you’re looking to rent snorkel gear in Kona stop by the shack and we will get you set up and snorkeling Kona in style. Our snorkel rentals are the best in Kona. Our ‘basic package’ meets or exceeds the quality of the other guy’s ‘premium’ package!

Kona Kayak rentals can be a challenge. Loading heavy Kayaks can be difficult. We make it easy! We will outfit you and the family with everything you need to have a successful kayaking adventure.

Is the surf up? We offer the best surfboard rentals in Kona! With the best selection of surfboards and the best deals, you’re going to love hitting our local surf spots. While Hawaii island is not well known for it’s surfing it offers many great surf spots within a few minutes drive of our location.

Look no further for the best Kona paddleboard rentals. We offer the best paddleboards available. Get spoiled by the valet service where you can launch your board a few steps away in gorgeous Kailua Bay. Bring a snorkel set with you and you can see the reef life while you are out on the water. Love the sup you rented? We offer a try before you buy program that’s too good to pass up!
While you are busy out exploring Kona’s coast your family will be happy on the beach playing with the free beach toys provided with every beach chair equipment rental. Add a cooler rental for your favorite beverages.

All of our rentals are available for a few hours up to a month. If you like the gear keep it with our try before you buy program. We offer only the best rental equipment with high-quality name brands. Surfboard rentals by the hour, day, week, or month offer you the flexibility to work with your vacation. Don’t have transportation? No problem! Kona has public transportation options or you can just walk a few feet away and enjoy all of the natural beauty that Kona has to offer.

Our location is one of the best in Kona. Situated a few steps away from a local treasure Kailua Bay is home to the world-famous Iron Man championship. It’s perfect for swimming, sup paddling, kayaking, and snorkeling. Dolphins will often come visit and schools of fish are common in this marine protected area. You may see large schools of fish, conch shells, and schools of bright yellow tangs that give Kona it’s nickname the gold coast.

If you rent a Kayak or paddleboard you can also get a beach chair and umbrella set up for the family. Kona’s coast offers numerous great paddleboarding and snorkeling opportunities. We want you to have the time of your life here on your Hawaiian vacation. Whether by land sea or air there are so many things to do here and Ali’i Adventure Shack does it all. Stop by for advice on where to go and what to see. You are limited in your time and we appreciate you want to get the most out of your Hawaiian vacation. Ali’i Adventure Shack specializes in offering advice and information about all of the things you can do here on the big island. Do you love the water but you’re not sure what kind of experience best suits your personal preferences? Stop by and we can talk story about rentals, activities, and things to do in Kona. There are so many possibilities. It’s not called the Big Island for nothing! Cruise along Ali’i drive on one of our electric bikes or walk across the street to Kamamahonu bay and lounge on the beach with the family. There’s plenty to do even just within walking distance.

We also offer activities. From cultural experiences to manta ray snorkeling we do it all. Would you like to zipline and ATV ride over and through lush tropical river valleys? Or perhaps visit Kona coffee farms and see the stars on Mauna Kea. There are so many unique experiences to be had on the big island. The manta ray snorkel is world-famous and only available here in Kona. It’s a must-do for anyone who has swimming skills. There are so many possibilities here on the Big Island you can’t possibly do it all. There are many land tours and ocean tours but Ali’i Adventure Shack specializes in offering the best tours and activities available.

Check out our retail shop. We sell all kinds of gear for swimming and snorkeling in Kona. We carry top of the line snorkel and swim gear you won’t find in the big box retail stores. We also sell paddleboards and kayaks. With our try before you buy program you can use the gear and if you love it get a new paddleboard shipped to your door minus the cost of the sup rental. Ali’i Adventure Shack is Kona’s Adventure hub and surfboard rental shop.