About Us

Ali’i Adventure Shack was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing the best activities Kona has to offer. There are so many things to do in Kona and we all have limited time. While we may want to do it all we can help you discover the best activities for you

Byron Kay took over Kona Honu Divers in 2015 and built it into a business twice the size in just 4 years. Byron’s passion for the underwater world began from childhood. Gulping a breath of air and swimming underwater he was just a baby when he first learned to swim. Byron grew up in sunny Southern California in Tustin. Access to the ocean inspired Byron to become a diver and biologist. Byron spend many weekends scuba diving and spearfishing. He lived on Catalina Island and did research work. In Boy Scouts Byron had the opportunity to navigate a two masted wooden sailing ship through the Channel Islands. It was this experience that hooked Byron. His passion for the ocean and adventure is boundless.
Byron became interested in business when he realized he had a knack for it. As a marine scientist he found little satisfaction. Starting a renewable fuel business in California Byron realized he could help the world more with business than with science. Byron’s business impressed the founder of a renewable fuel project in Kona, Hawaii. Byron was hired to start and run a pilot facility in Kona to grow marine algae for biofuel.
After the end of the project Byron moved on to become more business focused realizing what the algae project truly needed was less academics and more business people.
Byron also grew up with a desire to make movies and work in the film industry. Now he makes videos of his life and businesses. They can be found on youtube.
Byron’s YouTube channel features all of his adventures with friends and family under the name Kona Freediver.

Shari Sicsko moved from New Jersey to southern California for college. Instead of signing up for class Shari went to the marina. As she walked along the dock she saw the boats and decided she would try to work on them. 30 years and three businesses later Shari doesn’t have a degree. Shari is a passionate athlete and outdoors fanatic. Having been a professional runner Shari’s routine is no longer about competition. Running 9 miles in the morning, diving in the afternoon, and paddling in the evening Shari makes the energizer bunny look lazy. Shari and Byron founded Kona Snorkel Trips here in Kona in 2019 building it up into the top rated snorkel business in Kona. When Shari is not guiding manta ray snorkel tours or tending the shack she is traveling the world diving. Shari loves to scuba dive on liveaboards and has been to many of the world’s top dive destinations multiple times. Shari’s passion for business and dogged persistence have made her successful over the years at whatever she puts her mind to.

Blaine Williams is a boat captain for Kona Honu Divers. He is the head captain of the Honu Lele it’s premium dive boat. He has a passion for the ocean and a talent for making things right. Growing up in San Diego California, Blaine’s family owned an antique furniture business. Blaine ran his own business buying and selling antiques and is handy at repairs of all kinds. Blaine first came to Hawaii as a captain for Trilogy in Lanai. Blaine worked on many of trilogy’s boats keeping them in top shape. On Lanai Blaine dealt with Four Season’s guests taking them to some of Hawaii’s most pristine dive spots. Blaine’s skill and ability makes him a great caretaker for the shack.

Together Blaine Shari and Byron work together to keep the shack running smoothly each lending their own expertise and perspective to the business. Byron works on business development including website, marketing, and business strategy. He also helps with the retail side of the business. Shari is on the ground making sure things run smoothly day to day. Blaine maintains the infrastructure and equipment as well as managing staff and helping with the day to day. Their vision for Ali’i Adventure Shack is to provide you with the best experiences Kona has to offer. There are so many things to do in Kona and we want share our passion for the outdoors and love of the Big Island with you. The adventures and experiences you’ve come to find are all around us we can help point you in the right direction.