Surfing has been a water sport loved by many and has been an obsession with even more people. You will find people living near beaches stating that surfing is their favorite sport. Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to surf. Many people fly to Hawaii each year to find an enthusiastic outdoor experience of surfing. When a surfer is on his board, the waves strike and bring new energy into him. The waves make one feel more relaxed, happy, and jollier. But what makes surfing addictive is the rise of dopamine levels combined with endorphins, adrenalin, and serotonin, which together make the surfer never get off his board.

When should I rent a surfboard?

Most people in Hawaii carry their surfboards with them. Still, those who fly to Hawaii only for vacations or live far off from beaches don’t get to enjoy the surfing experience that excessively. Due to this, they prefer renting a surfboard and enjoy the fun-filled water sport until they stay in Hawaii. In Kona, you may find the perfect surfboard rental Kona at Ali’i Adventures which will provide the best surfboards for minimum rates. They often don’t cost more than 45$ per day. If you are traveling to Hawaii beaches once a year and don’t want to let your surfboard stand in your house throughout the year, then you can simply rent one by demand. Living in Hawaii but away from the beaches is a sad fact indeed, but you can still drive to them and enjoy surfing at its max.

Benefits of getting a surfboard rental in Kona?

Getting a surfboard rental has its benefits apart from giving you the best time over waves. The following are a few of them.

  • Renting a surfboard doesn’t cost you that much while buying it can make you spend a good amount of money
  • There’s no better option then renting a surfboard if you are having a short time stay for the surfing purpose
  • You will be provided with everything you need at the beach for surfing by the Ali’I Adventures. You won’t need to buy anything separately.
  • You won’t have to think about storage issues of the surfboard if you rent one. You will enjoy the experience on the beach and will be able to return it when you are done.
  • If you want to transport the surfboard to and from beaches just speak to the staff at Ali’i Adventures and they can assist you with a roof rack.
  • There are many different options for your surfboard rental Kona and sizes provided by Ali’i Adventures, and you can choose the most suitable of them for yourself or ask the staff.

Who can rent a surfboard?

Certain scenarios cause differences in renting a surfboard. The following are some types of surfers who should consider renting a board and not buying it.

  • The surfer who hasn’t surfed before:

A person who hasn’t surfed before should rent a surfboard rental Kona and not buy it. There are specified surfboards for level 1 surfers. They have lots of volumes and have a good wave catching ability. The beginners can try out various types of boards and without committing to buying any boards and having the pressure of commitment on him.

  • The one who keeps traveling:

If you are someone who is traveling abroad to surf, then renting surfboards will be a good option for you. Renting it is the best option for those who are not sure if they should carry their surfboards with them to another country. Traveling with a surfboard along can be one heck of a task. Taking a surfboard abroad on your travels might also involve some fees and a lot of mounting stress with it. This will also take away the joy of traveling from your journey. Hence, it’s better to rent a surfboard in Hawaii if you are traveling to it for surfing.

  • Kiddos:

If you have kids who love surfboarding with you and you don’t want them to be deprived of the opportunity. Then it would be best for you to consider a surfboard rental Kona as this will help you in not overspending on different surfboard sizes. You can rent a surfboard of different for your kid and return it to the shop. Then next year you can rent board of different size which fits for your kid and return it. This saves you from buying a board of a different size each year.

How good are surfboard rentals in Kona?

You can find many multiple surfboard rental shops in Kona, but Ali’I Adventures has high quality boards in great condition. You can contact Ali’i Adventures for your surfboard rental Kona directly or book the surfboard through their website. The services of surfboard rentals are all exquisite and sure to give you a time of your lives. You can trust the quality of surfboards they provide and may also choose from a variety of sizes and surfer level specified boards.


Surfing in Hawaii is something you may call a dream come true. The striking waves when hitting the surfboard, you get an experience of extreme energy and fun. Many people fly to Hawaii just to play this water sport. You need not worry about the surfboards at all as there are surfboard rentals Kona that will give you the perfect size and type of surfboard that you need to have a memorable surfing experience. Your surfboard rental Kona with Ali’i Adventures can give you an experience of surfing you will always reminisce about. Surfboards are a fun way to feel the waters under your feet. Your surfing experience is waiting for you in the blue waters of Kona. When are you renting your first board to enjoy this amazing water sport?