Aloha! Welcome to Kona Hawaii. Kona Hawaii has some the best snorkeling in the world. I’m here today to inform you all about the best water sport operator on the Big Island for Kona snorkel rentals as well as booking the perfect tour for you and your family. For the adventure enthusiast, Ali’I Adventures has all kinds of adventuresome activities. Paddle boards, surf boards, kayaks, boogie boards, snorkel sets, dive gear rentals, beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas and many more fun things for an hour, a day or a week of exciting adventures.

Getting back to what the Kona coast is best known for. Snorkeling and diving along the pristine coast line. The average water temperature is 80 degrees and the average air temperature year round is about 85 degrees. The visibility of the water varies, but the average is over 100 foot of visibility. Kona is based on the leeward side of the island. We get very little temperature inversion and very little rain compared to the windward side of the island. Most of our days are sunny and warm. If the rain heads in from up the hill, it usually doesn’t hit Kona until the evening hours. Most of the rainfall we get in Kona is almost always in the evening. This is great for us because it doesn’t interfere with our time to play outside in the sun and in the sea.

Kona snorkel rentals through Ali’I Adventures can be done year round. I always recommend planning a snorkeling safari. This includes picking out at least 3 locations and mapping out the days activities.  Kona snorkel rentals through Ali’I Adventures is open at 8:00 am. Start there and pick up you gear for the day. I wouldn’t recommend renting by the hour, it’s inexpensive enough to rent by the day so you can take full advantage of the entire day or week or amazing snorkeling. After picking up you gear from Ali’i Adventures, map out the route and start your Kona snorkel safari. If you think you may actually be in the water for a good part of the day experiencing various snorkel spots, you may want to also rent a wet suit for your Kona snorkel rental. Ali’i Adventures can rent full suits or vests. Have Zoe Wilson, the general manager talk story about some of her favorite snorkel spots. Zoe is an adventurer, always in search of the next best adventure. She has great recommendations as far as snorkeling, hiking, diving and paddle boarding/ kayaking around the island. Ali’i Adventures isn’t just about Kona snorkel rentals, it’s about matching the person to the adventure. It’s about experiencing all that the island has to offer and a way to experience it that very few people take advantage of.

After picking up your Kona snorkel rentals for the day, head either north or south to start your safari. From Ali’i Adventures location in downtown Kona, you can head in either direction to some amazing snorkeling locations. I would recommend going to Hapuna Beach to check out one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. While Hapuna Beach isn’t great for snorkeling, it’s a good place to start your adventure due to it’s beautiful beach. It’s a great place to bring your coffee and muffin and go for a swim in the crystal blue water. Its also very close to Puako and 69’s. Puako is on the Kohala coast and is the home to the famous turtle cleaning station. This area is an amazing snorkel and dive spot. After having a light breakfast at Hapuna and going for a swim. Head towards your first snorkel spot, get out your Kona snorkel rental, and head out to the buoy at the turtle cleaning station in Puako. This is an excellent spot to see yellow tang hanging on the backs of hawksbill turtles. There usually 5-7 yellow tang feeding off the algae on their shells. This is where many of the iconic pictures of yellow tang cleaning the algae off the turtle shells have come from. Almost always, you will see a turtle swimming by with many yellow hitchhikers feeding off it’s shell. Turtles are on the endangered species list in Hawaii. Please note the very serious rules regarding staying at least 10 feet away from any turtle whether on land or in the ocean. There is a very hefty fine if you are caught touching or handling a turtle in any way. Please don’t harm or try to handle these creatures. It’s not good for them and it’s not good for you. If you are reported for handling a turtle, the fine can be upwards of $10,000.00 USD. This is a very expensive lesson to learn and it’s heavily enforced. Along with dolphins and manta rays, the turtles are very important to the State of Hawaii and to it’s coastal waters. Once they were hunted for their shells, the number of sea turtles diminished over the past several decades. Like all marine life, please respect and observe from a distance.

From Puako, head over the 69’s. This is one of my other favorite spots. It’s named for the mile marker 69 and is a very popular snorkeling spot. It’s a relatively shallow snorkel spot. The last time I went snorkeling there, I spent over 2 ½ hours in the water. I was happy to have a wet suit on. There were so  many critters to see and areas to explore. Be mindful of current, not only here but in all waters.

The best advise I can give you is to make sure you are prepared when going out snorkeling. Snorkel within your limits and always with a buddy. Check your gear prior to getting in the water. Be sure to keep track of where you are in proximity to the shore and always keep an eye on your buddy. When snorkeling, keep you arm and hands behind your back. You’re not swimming. Snorkeling requires very little arm or hand action. Just kick your legs in a scissor kick motion and enjoy the scenery.

See you in the water!