Are you flying to Hawaii? You might be thinking about what do people do in Hawaii and specifically in Kona to have fun and to enjoy the most beautiful nature spread around? On the one hand, they go for a swim and have the best time of their lives. And on the other hand, they try watching whales nad experience something even more memorable and unique than going on a swim. But many people but fear off from gong on a Kona scuba diving adventure a sit seems quite risky and somehow exposed to the nature harm. But let us tell you that Kona scuba diving is something anyone can try. With some experience and a good instructions guide team, you can enjoy the scuba diving trip with ease and safety. You will not regret going on this adventure as it will allow you to make memories of things you haven’t ever had experienced before.


You would love being around marine life that is swimming through waters in their natural habitats. This is scary only by afar, but from up close by swimming with a swarm of fishes or a huge manat ray, you will be amazed by how life-changing experiences these could be. But to ensure your safety and to make sure you get the best out of your experience, the following are a few things you must not forget and live up your best life while scuba diving.


  1. You must be a good swimmer:

Scuba diving will involve a good exercise of your swimming skills. You must be an expert swimmer before heading out on your Kona scuba diving journey. It will involve a lot of swimming to have the most out of the experience. You will be carrying a piece of good equipment with you and a large tank to let you stay underwater for long times so that you can enjoy the underwater marine life. It would help if you were good at swimming as there won’t be any other way to go about the marine life of Kona.


2. Have a relaxed mode while underwater:

To breathe underwater with ease, you must have a relaxed mind. At first, it may seem quite difficult to swim underwater and have a smooth breathing time. As a beginner, it might seem a bit overwhelming to swim underwater and breath smoothly. But with the time you will gain experience in breathing with the regulator, and you will find it not to be that difficult. Just keep on practicing without any fear of going underwater. And make sure you relax whenever you dive into deep waters during the first few sessions.


3. Keep a strict check on the gear before diving in:

Checking your gear every time you are about to dive into the waters is the best protective measure you can take. You must make sure that you check your and your buddy’s gear and breathing apparatus to use if it is working. This makes sense because you need to make sure you remain safe in an environment that is quite yours to be in. You should check it every single time you do a Kona scuba diving to ensure safety.


4. Drink water before Kona scuba diving:

People who are experienced in scuba diving realize that staying hydrate dis of high importance while going underwaters. While you jump into a Kona scuba diving journey, you should drink an adequate amount of water. Even you may think as a beginner that you will be immersed in water, then why should I drink water before this experience. But staying hydrated is important in every condition what so ever.


5. Share your experience:

As a beginner, you should not go on a Kona scuba diving session on your own. Going alone will not be recreational and fun and also will be dangerous. As you do not have enough experience in diving underwater, you might feel insecure while going there all alone. Its best suggested taking a diving buddy with you. It isn’t impossible to go on Kona scuba diving all alone, but for beginners, it is better to go with a buddy. It will be a safer option.


6. Do not hold your breath:

While snorkeling, people are used to holding their breath while snorkeling, and we breathe with our noses on normal bases. But while Kona scuba diving, you should try breathing normally with your nose. Although you may not seem comfortable doing so, this will be the easiest thing to do. It will help you have a soothing experience in breathing and watching the exotic marine life. You must never hold your breath in the water while scuba diving using a regulator. You should breathe slowly and have a relaxing and fun experience in seeing marine life.


  1. Clean your gear:

You should choose the right gear for your Kona scuba diving trip. Choosing the right one will be the one that fits and allows you to see the marine life hassle-free. It would be best if you also kept cleaning these gears regularly. By cleaning it, you will get your gears to keep working for long, and hence you will be able to see the marine life at a closer point with even better focus.


These were some of the beginner tips for people who are heading out to go for scuba diving the first time in their lives. However, it may seem one hell of a sport to those who haven’t tried it. But it is fun and a recreational way to go about seeing the marine life in their natural habitat. The colors of the fish, their gigantic sizes, and the smooth flow of them in the water will surely amaze you. You will find marine life of every size from tiny one cm to huge 20 feet ones swimming equally in the waters of Hawaiian islands. When are you trying your first trip into the deep waters to see life from a different perspective?