Are you heading out for a fun adventure in the waters of Kona for the first time? Or have you not tried kayaking ever? Big Island is home to what you call true adventure of land and water/ there is nothing you can not enjoy being in the beautiful lands of Hawaii. It welcomes adventure seekers from around the world to come to enjoy a beautiful and thrilling life of going out and being in nature. Kayaking is a great sport to practice your physical strength and to challenge yourself with the best that nature can give you, i.e., water challenge. It is a simple sport, and even beginners can get the hang of it fairly easily. There are many different kinds of kayaking that include flat-water kayaking, sea kayaking, and whitewater kayaking. You can choose any of these to set out on the water paddling sport, but if you are a beginner, then you will have to hire a Kona kayak rental company that will provide you with the essential instructors and also the water sports gears you will need to have the best out of the sport.

This Kona kayak Rental Company to have the most thrilling and safe experience without any mishaps. The rest will be covered in the following tips.

  1. Rent from Experts:

If you are unfamiliar with kayaking Ali’I Adventures is a great place to rent from as the staff will give you guidance on how to use a kayak. Even as a beginner you will be set and ready to go after speaking with our staff. Many beginners of kayaking think about how hard it can be, but kayaking is not only paddling. It will be challenging and thrilling at the same time. This Kona kayak Rental Company will give you instructions and will guide you the best way about what to know and remember while going in a real kayaking ride. Without proper instruction, you might end up paddling in circles and not reaching anywhere at all. You can rent the kayak and instruction will be given to you before you hit the water. Ali’I Adventuresis a great rental company to feel okay to go in the real kayaking experience.

  1. Dress for the water and not the weather:

You won’t be dressing up for the weather while going on a kayaking ride. You might find the weather quite hot, but the water might not be warm enough. You don’t want to be suffering from hypothermia in an attempt to have a fun ride on the kayak. Many Kona kayak rental companies suggest that you look ahead of the weather measurements up to a week that will also tell you what the water conditions will be like. On the condition that you fall in the water, you won’t be feeling very cold if you have a wetsuit on. You can find kayaking gloves and waterproof coagula as well to protect you fully from adverse water temperature conditions.

  1. Choose the right boat:

You can find many kayaks options in the market, and going for any one of them won’t do. You want to find the kayak that is appropriate to the water conditions you will be kayaking on. There are narrow racing boats and also tiny squat freestyle playboats at the Kona kayak rental companies. But you must be sure of which one you want. If you are paddling on a lake, then renting a flat-water boat will be the best option. Beginners find it very easy to kayak on the sit-on-top kayaks as they provide an easy sitting area and to paddles conveniently, and they will also reassure stability.

  1. Always wear a buoyancy aid:

Every kayaker must wear a buoyancy aid, and it shouldn’t be based on the experience level of whether an expert or a beginner. These are life jackets that allow more movement around the neck and the arms. Wearing a buoyancy aid will make you more moveable and easy to paddle in adverse situations of waters. Even strong swimmers don’t know when they will be in a troublesome water condition. All Kona kayak rental companies will provide you with buoyancy aids, and you must not skip wearing them at any cost.

  1. Sit properly in the kayak: 

A smooth paddling experience will require you to first sit properly in the kayak. You might feel a nice comfortable backrest in your kayak, but you must not slouch. You must sit up straight at your lower back and must be at 90 degrees with the buttock. You will also find a place to rest your feet called footrests. Keep your toes pointed in the outwards direction and your heels into the center. Keeping your knees upwardly bent and outwards, you should allow contact with the thigh braces. You can find many beginner kayaking techniques online and learn more about your position in the sitting area so that paddling in it becomes easy and feasible.

  1. Hold the paddle the right way:

Holding your paddle the right way is what will make everything easy for you, paddling will be a skill learned the best way by holding the paddle in the right direction. Many people do not hold it the right way, but you can learn it. You should hold the paddle with both hands and place it just over the shoulder-distance apart. Make sure that you are faced with the concave part of the blade. While dipping the paddle blade into the water, the part sweeping through the water should be the concave side. Make sure your knuckles are in line with the blade.

These were some of the basic tricks and tips that you should be following while setting out on a trip to learn kayaking, 8if you are a beginner, don’t forget to hire a Kona kayak rental company that will make your first experience as fun and smooth as it can be. They will teach you the best practices in the world and excel at kayaking in the best way.