Zip lining is the name of an adventure on a height. It consists of a pulley that is suspended on a cable, which is mostly made of stainless steel that is mounted on a slope. Zip lining is designed to let cargo and people propelled by gravity to move from the top to bottom of the cable that is inclined by hanging onto the freely moving pulley.

But in Hawaii, zip lining is a whole different thing. It is an adventure that attracts many risk lovers from around the world each year to fly to Hawaii. The Big Island is famously known for the fun and adventure it has in store for tourists and adventure fans. Being able to hang meters high above the beautiful sceneries of the big island is already a dreamy thought. The nearby falling waterfalls will add to the magical factor of the zipline big island adventure. Having the zipline experience over the big island will let you experience how fun nature can be, and hanging over it can be a one-time experience.

Is zipline big island a risky adventure?

Zip lining seems to be a scary thing to do for people on the ground. They get scared off from even the thought of it. But it is not risky and not even a thing you must be scared off. For those who dare to try, say that zipline big island is as having a walk in the park. It isn’t a strenuous activity, and most people of all ages can try it. Even kids age five and elderly of age 90 can try it too. You can soar from a tree to tree and have the most exciting and thrilling experience in nature without being scared a bit. You can get renting companies to provide you the best guide of how to zipline and get the best out of your trip.

What essentials do you need for your zipline big island adventure?

Before you head out on your trip to zipline you will need some of the essentials in your bag. Take zipline adventure the same as hiking but by being floated in the air. You will enjoy your trip when you have all the basic things with you to use whenever you need it. To enjoy the adventure at its best, you will pack your bag with the following things.

  • Wear appropriate attire:

While planning your dress up before going on the zipline big island adventure, you must make sure that you are picking items that are not that excessive. You must know that you are going to be zooming downhill, and you will face many steady breezes. Loose and baggy dresses will cause a problem while hanging down the zipline. You will have to wear something tight and fitted to your body. You can choose something like light pants or shorts, a t-shirt, and can also opt for a windbreaker. Your footwear should be more like closed-toe shoes that don’t come off while ziplining. Wearing sandals or slippers can come off easily and might affect your feet after landing on the wildlife ahead. You might have to walk over unpaved areas, and without slippers, it can get hard to get by.

  • Extras:

Clothing and footwear will do good for your body and will give you a good adventure. But you need to keep your skin safe as well. You might get exposed to sunlight while zipline big island; hence you must carry a high-SPF sunscreen with you. The tropical sun can affect your skin even while traveling through the island; hence it is better to keep a protecting serum. Apart from an SPF, you will need a pair of sunglasses. The glaring sun can blind your eyes, and you might miss beautiful scenery while ziplining. Hence you need to protect your eyes and also enjoy the beauty of the Big Island, so make sure you have a pair of sunglasses with you. You might also need bug sprays not during the zip but on platforms. You might get introduced to some bugs there, and bug spray can handle this little issue easily.

  • Technical needs:

For your zipline big island adventure, you wouldn’t want to miss a single second from bringing it home with you. You would want to capture every second of it. So be worry-free that one of your hands will be free to support your camera. The zipline has its braking system which will only need one of your hands. And you can record your whole experience with the other just don’t drop your camera.

How to choose an adventure company for zip lining?

Zip lining won’t be that easy without an adventure company. You need proper and skilled guidance from professionals so that you can focus on enjoying your trip. You can narrow down the list of your zipline big island companies by first seeing the age and weight restrictions. Then you must go online and see what people are saying about the companies you narrowed down. Read about 5 to 6 reviews about each company. Then lastly, you will have to go through other factors like cost, location, and the number of zip lines these companies have to get the best deal. Summarily, this is where Ali’i Adventures will always have the best options!

And you are ready…

A fun-filled zip lining adventure is waiting for you to come and have the life of your times. While soaring between trees and seeing what the Big island looks from the top, you will get the most amazing views. Now when you go back from your vacation, you can brag about how you enjoyed aa daring and fun adventure in the Big Island.