Snorkeling is an underwater sport. It involves the practice of swimming on or through water bodies while wearing snorkel equipment, i.e., a diving mask, a breathing tube, which is called a snorkel and mostly swim fins. You may also wear a wetsuit to snorkel in cooler waters.

Is snorkeling famous in Kona?

Kona, Hawaii, is known for having the best snorkel spots to have the most peaceful and fun-filled snorkeling experience. There are quite some spots in Kona that provide to be the best ones for carrying out water sports. Many people from around the world travel to the Big Island every year to enjoy the various water sports it provides to enjoy. Some of the top spots to enjoy snorkeling in Kona are Honaunau, Kealakekua, Magic Sands, Honokohau Harbor, etc.

These spots are the major tourist’s attraction because of the clear waters and the ease of access of the Kona snorkel rental which provides you with the complete snorkeling equipment including the swim fins and the wetsuits.

What to wear while snorkeling in Kona?

As snorkeling is an underwater swimming experience right through the fish swarms and the coral, you must be able to breathe underwaters. This breathing is supported by a breathing tube that is called the snorkel; hence the name snorkeling is given. You should also wear a diving mask so you can actually see everything underwater and also swim fins which help you swim better with less energy. Kona provides the best snorkeling spots for both the armatures and the experienced snorkelers. Alii’i Adventures prodives Kona snorkel rentals and has the equipment for snorkelers of all ages and sizes. You can learn snorkeling here straight from the waters.

What should a first-time snorkeler be prepared for in Kona waters?

The first-time snorkelers must not be afraid of anything. Snorkeling can be like being underwater in your bathtub, just add some beautiful coral reef and fish along with waves of the beaches…this all adds to the experience of snorkeling. But it must be suggested that beginners wear a life jacket just to give you additional buoyancy. You can get the best Kona snorkel rental from Ali’i Adventures and return them whenever you are done after the calming experience of snorkeling in Kona. The biggest suggestion to have a smooth snorkel experience for the first time is to stay calm and breathe as you would normally. You can also try your equipment in a swimming pool to get familiar with the underwater breathing experience. But one must say that snorkeling is quite an easy water sport.

5 places I can go for snorkeling in Kona?

Some places provide to be an ideal location for snorkelers of any level, i.e., expert or even a beginner. They are stated as under.

  1. Two-Step at Honaunau:

Many snorkelers prefer going to this spot to dive underwater. The clear waters make it ideal for snorkelers of any level. You can enjoy your Kona snorkel rental here as it will give you the best experience to view marine life underwater. Now you see the most beautiful coral reef and the fishes much closely.

  1. Kahalu’u Beach Park:

Beach parks provide you with all the facilities you need to have fun at the beach. You can enjoy different water sports here. Snorkeling is done at its finest at the Kahalu’u Beach Park because of the clear warm waters. You can enjoy the best of marine life here and not worry a bit about going underwater even if you are a beginner. You can also get all the equipment you need to snorkel from the Kona snorkel rental shop, Ali’I Adventures before you head out here.

  1. King Kam Beach:

This beach is accessible on foot for anyone staying in Kona as it is situated right in the center of Kona. You can reach here easily, and hence everyone else can as well. It would be better to go to this beach early in the morning or at sunset. You can get all the equipment you need to go underwaters here, including your Kona snorkel rental at Ali’I Adventures, just across the street. We have the best equipment and are available in all sizes for all ages.

  1. Anaeho’omalu Bay:

It is a protected beach and is surrounded by a high shore of an offshore reef. This Bay provides you with the best sunset views and the clearest of waters to snorkel and have fun underwater. Grab your Kona snorkel rental to take to Anaeho’omalu Bay and enjoy a fun and safe experience in the underwaters. This place is located near Kona, about 25.6 miles away.

  1. Mauna Lani Resort:

The beach at this resort is named Makaiwa Bay. It is an easy exit and entry beach where there are all of the facilities provided to enjoy the waters of Kona and the beautiful views. You can have a fun snorkeling experience here to fall in love with the marine life and the coral reef. A great spot to enjoy your Kona snorkel rental.


Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity of exploring nature in Kona beaches if you happen to travel to this place. You will never miss the beautiful experience while snorkeling here in the warm waters that are full of beautiful coral reefs and fish swarms. This place is loved by many snorkel lovers and is a dream come true for them if they get to snorkel in the waters of the Big Island. You can be a beginner as well and get the best experience of swimming with huge manta rays and coral reefs that are an example of beautiful nature.