Alii Adventures is a Kona surf shop located on Alii Drive where Palani road turns into Alii Drive. We rent wetsuits, surfboards, kayaks, body boards, paddle boards, scuba gear, snorkel gear, beach sets, umbrellas, coolers, and more! We even have electric bikes for rent. Our service rentals will keep you busy for days!


Swing by the shop and we can talk about the best beaches Big Island has to offer. We rent snorkel sets because you can take it to the beach and see all of the beautiful marine life. If you want to know where the best snorkel Big Island has come by Alii Adventures and will talk about all of the snorkeling opportunities available on the island. You can swim with dolphins manta rays and visit Captain Cook monument. Kona snorkel tours are available daily. Book with us and we will make sure that you have a wonderful time on your Hawaiian vacation.


Alii Adventures loves snorkeling and we rent snorkel sets Kona beach gear and more. Do you want to Kona umbrella? We have that too! Our Kona surf shop has all kinds of great rental equipment and also sun and swim apparel for purchase. We have received sunscreen but you don’t have to use it if you buy your rash guard and a sun hat. Red Cross and Kailua Bay has the best snorkel Big Island has to offer. Check out some of the beautiful reef fish there and swim in the Sandy Bay. Kailua Bay has dolphin swimming daily as well as all kinds of amazing marine life. There’s so much to see and do!


If you’re looking for things to do in Kona swing by Lee adventures and we can talk story about all of the amazing best snorkel Big Island and other Kona surf shop opportunities available to you. There’s so much to see and do we have Kona tours for sale in the shack. There are land tours and ocean tours. We have zip line Big Island tours and volcano tours, we have ATV tours and dolphin tours, we have manta tours and Captain Cook snorkeled tours. Even within a short distance from Kona town itself there’s so many different opportunities available to you. Our Kona surf shop has all the gear and equipment necessary to make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime!


Alii Adventures was founded on the idea that people come to the Big Island to seek adventure. We stoke that venture with providing that tools and equipment and activities necessary and of available so that you are sure to have a wonderful time while you’re here visiting us on the Big Island. There’s so many things to do and see in Kona. We have an online rental store where you can rent snorkel sets Kona and other equipment like paddleboard’s. We have Kona rentals available for the whole family including Kona umbrellas and other beach equipment rentals.


If you looking for some of the best snorkeling Big Island then we can give you advice on where you would like to go to see this best snorkeling Kona has. There are many wonderful best beaches Big Island around us and also we have the best beaches Kona nearby. Check out our blog on the best beaches Big Island where we talk about all of the best beaches near me.


The Kona Coast is so long there are so many different opportunities to see different things. We sort through all of the beaches in Kona and beaches on the Big Island so that you can find the one that suits your activity the best. Do you like to hang out on the beach? Well we have the beach for you! Is it a black sand beach? Is it a white sand beach? Is the beach covered in lava! We have all kinds of beaches here on the Big Island. There are beaches with petroglyphs. There are state park beaches. There County beaches. And there beaches that are off the beaten path. There some secret hidden beaches. And there are all kinds of amazing beaches up and down the vast Kona Coast.


We can advise you on the best beach to go for you your friends and your family. The opportunities are nearly endless. How long is your trip we can invites you on all the activities and tours that will fit within your trip timeline so that you can maximize your vacation time which is very precious to you. Our Kona surf shop has all kinds of potentials and possibilities waiting for you. We can recommend Kona tours for you where you consume with dolphins or even manta rays! We also have apparel available for sale.


We have wetsuits, swim suits, sun shirts, Kona umbrellas, and reef safe sunscreen! It’s important on the Big Island to stay out of the bright sun. Some of our beaches have a lot of sun exposure and some have really great shade. We can advise you on which beaches on the Big Island have the best shade. There are so many different places to visit and the variety is almost endless. Come by our Kona surf shop and we can talk story about all of this beach snorkeling and Big Island best beaches for you and your family.


To sum it all up, we have some of the best snorkel beaches Big Island. If you looking for the best snorkel Kona we can give you the Kona snorkel set so you can go to the best snorkel Big Island has. Alii Adventures would love to have you, we want to make sure that you have a wonderful time when you visit the beach with your family, so we have provided each rentals with things like body boards and boogie boards so that your kids can play while you are at relaxing at the beach with a beach cooler rental. Kona Beach rentals are available daily you can book ahead on our website at Or give us a call at 808–431–8005. We will do our best to rent you a Kona snorkel set and direct you to be best beaches Kona has.