Hawaii is a home of several adventurous places, including all the magnificent water sports and hiking opportunities for those who love to see nature. Natural attraction is one of the biggest reasons people travel to Hawaii each year. Among many of these traveling places is one that brings Hawaiian culture to people of present times. Many people who have a love for historical references visit the petroglyphs to bring peace to their thirsty history-loving brains. If you are one of these people as well, then visiting Hawaii is a must. Some of the There are many reasons you should visit these archaeological spots, but some top one is as below:

  1. Exploring the petroglyph fields is fun and easy for families:


Having families with you to travel around outdoors can slim down your options to a good number. But these petroglyph fields in Big Island are equally friendly for families and loners to visit and enjoy. These fields are equally entertaining and fun to visit. The hike is a bit uneven, but that is fun too if you are wearing joggers or sneakers to make your feet fit firm on the uneven ground. Children often enjoy hiking, and petroglyphic fields are the best place to have all the adventure you need being amidst the Hawaiian history.

  1. History is mind-opening:

Many places in Hawaii have historical importance. They are many centuries old and welcome the archelogy loving brains with open arms. But the thought of something belonging to people of such old times can be mind-opening and soothing at the same time. It can attract anyone, and Hawaiian petroglyphs are sure a masterpiece. If you search about the history of petroglyphs, you will know that even the most recent rock carving is a century old. In those times, there wasn’t any language to converse in, and these carvings are thought to be a way to remember important dates or maybe symbols from astronomy. These might also be traveling symbols. No one yet knows the real meaning of these symbols for sure, but they do provide a look into the past, and that’s enough to feed archaeological taste buds. You may find many shapes in the etchings, including those of a turtle, family, sun, horses, people, and many letters from English and roman languages.

  1. The fields have more than just rock carvings:

Among the three major petroglyphs in Hawaii, the Waikoloa petroglyph is the most famous one, which is along the preserve called the King’s Trail. It is a 175-mile pathway that confines the fishing areas, temples, communities, and other important areas over the western coast of the Big Island. According to people who know about the history of these Hawaiian petroglyphs, travelers used to make rock shelters here surrounding which there are most of the rock etchings. This shows that the ancient people also had innovative ways to record history.

    4. You can enjoy sunsets and sunrises in a better way:

Why stay in your hotel room during the sunset or sunrise? You can go out to these fields of Hawaiian petroglyphs and have the most beautiful sunset and sunrise views all surrounded by Hawaiian history. You can explore different areas and find the happiness and peace of the nature Hawaii provides. The best time to visit these etched lava rocks is on a Sunday at 7:30 am.


       5. Visit them before they disappear:

Nothing is forever. The fact that these Hawaiian petroglyphs have survived for centuries doesn’t mean that they will be there for another. Many natural processes like erosion, natural wear and tear, and also human interaction are slowly affecting these petroglyphs. They are expected not to be there forever. People are visiting these fields so that they do not miss this amazing archaeological opportunity that isn’t sure to exist for long too. You can take photos of the etchings but do not approach them to rub or touch. They are fragile etchings made on lava rock and can get easily damaged. After all, you don’t want to be someone who ruined centuries-old pieces of art that were most probably created out of boredom by ancient Hawaiian people.


  1. Experience how people used symbolism instead of languages:

Visiting these rock etchings will make one feel amazed by the fact that people never had a written language in old times to communicate. How hard and mind-boggling would it get for a person of present times to be living without a written language. But these old rock carvings give an amazing insight into the lives of ancient Hawaiian people. One feels amazed by the level of creativity they had to employ to represent what they are saying just because they didn’t have specified languages to do so otherwise.



History is beautiful. And you must see It before we lose it. Hawaiian petroglyphs are sure a sight to see for so many reasons. These carvings made out of the rock are still unknown for their purpose, but they do provide a fun adventure day in the fields. You can take your kids and family to enjoy the hike to reach the petroglyph fields and then see the beautiful images and symbols etched on to the lava rocks. The meaning about them is still mysterious, but the most famous of the thoughts is that they were used to remember important dates like birthdays and other events. Who knows what was the actual reason behind these carvings, but it sure does make them mysterious and attractive for people who travel Hawaii for vacations and also to the locals? You can get a rental touring and adventure guide to moving you around the petroglyph fields while they also provide you with the information on these historic rock etchings. Whenever you travel to Hawaii, make sure you visit one of these fields as it won’t take longer than 30 minutes to experience this beautiful insight into the past