We all like to take it easy on vacation but what about combining the perfect amount of laziness with a bit of frolicking on the big blue sea? That’s where your kona kayak comes in! Here at Ali’i Adventures we rent ocean kayaks of different sizes, with flexible times, and with the best prices in town. Your kona kayak allows you to have the most of adventurous days or the most relaxed days, whatever you are in the mood for. We personally like to mix it up and enjoy some time in between the two. The great thing about the kayaks that we at Ali’I Adventures rents is that they are ocean fairing kayaks so this means that there is plenty of room. Ocean fairing kayaks are generally wider and longer so that they can provide better stability on the waves and bumps of the sea. So, you are easily able to stretch out on your kona kayak and take a nice little nap bobbing around on the bright blue water here in Kona. To add onto the relaxation of the day, we really like taking out our coolers on the kayak. Yep, you heard that right. We rent soft coolers at Ali’i Adventures that also serve as a dry bag. We even have ice packs so you can load up on some cold treats and head out with the cooler strapped to your kayak and float around on the water just taking in the surrounding scenery.

Perhaps though you are looking for a more adventurous day out on your kona kayak. Well, what better way to enjoy an ocean adventure than to head out with some snorkeling equipment on the back of your kayak ready to jump in at a moment’s notice of spotting dolphins or heading out towards a reef only accessible by boat. We have plenty of sets for your kona snorkel rental (kids, adults, small, big large) so we can gear you up before you head out for your play day. Once you are geared up there are a number of locations you can explore just from Kailua Bay. Heading right from the Kailua pier will take you north along the coast towards the airport. Heading left will take you South along the coast towards the Sheraton resort and Captain Cook’s. We are fans of both directions. To the right you will find what is perhaps a more jagged coast line, with volcanic rock closely wrapping the protrusions out from the island. This coast line is fun to gaze at and allows you to interpret how it once looked in its flowing form. Be careful not to get to close in your Kona kayak here though as these rocks are sharp and the coastline is often met with choppy waves. While you are cruising alongside this coastline be sure to take time to jump in off the kayak for a snorkel. This area is great for corals and shallow fish. Along much of this area there is a large drop off so we are often lucky to even see small (don’t worry they are friendly and used to humans) sharks or maybe even mantas. Be sure to speak to the staff at Ali’I Adventures as they can accommodate you with a tow rope. The tow rope is exactly as it sounds; it attaches to the front of the kayak  and another loop at the end is for your hand. It is a stretchy rope so even if you are swimming fast or the kayak is bobbing around it won’t yank you. Having this allows you to pretty much forget about the kayak while you are enjoying the reef. All of our kayak rentals also come with leashes for the paddles; a similar concept just one that remains attached so that should you drop your paddle, or want to let go so that you can snorkel or swim, you don’t have to worry about losing the paddles. Heading south (to the left of the Kailua pier) from Ali’i Adventures is another great option. You may have more luck spotting dolphins if you head south. We often see dolphins playing in the Kailua bay so you may not have to paddle very far but we would recommend to continue on paddling in this direction as the coast line is beautiful. Should you be up for a bigger paddle, try to shoot for Keahou Bay (the bay next to the Sheraton). Keahou bay is a beautiful protected bay and great for a lunch spot on your day’s adventured or just a place to rest before the paddle back. There can be some some great marine life viewing in this area. We have been lucky on many occasions to spot the mantas here so take your time checking out what lies beneath the surface. There is also a small pebbly beach where you can pull the kona kayak up on to, leading to a nice grassy lawn where you can have a rest and watch the boats coming in and out of the bay.

Be sure to keep an eye on the time and current as you will want to be back far before dark. It is always recommended that your outward journey is against the current and your return is with the current. Not only does this allow you to keep a safe eye on the time but, after you have done a fair bit of paddling and playing you don’t have to work so hard on your way back and can be happily assisted towards home with the aid of the current.

So, one can get very creative when renting a kayak in Kona. Whether it is a play day and you just want to jump off the kayak swim around, a relax day where you might cruise out with a cooler of cold goodies, or an adventurous one where you take on the exploratory side of navigating Kona, there is something everyone can enjoy with a kayak rental here at Ali’i Adventures!