Are you a surfer located in Kailua Kona? Our Kona surf shop is probably near you. Alii Adventures is a surf shop located in downtown Kailua Kona Hawaii. We are right next to splashes grill and across from King Kamehameha Hotel. We are at the bend where Palani Road turns into Alii Drive.

We are easy to find because we are a shack that sticks out and is surrounded by paddle boards, kayaks, surfboards and all kinds of outdoor gear for rental. What kind of surf gear are you looking for? Alii Adventures may have just what you need. We offer surfboard rentals for people looking to surf in Kona’s popular beaches. There’s so many surf spots near us in Kona. Lots of people come to Kona to serve. We also offer paddle boards for people that may be a little bit less experience in surfing. Paddleboard rentals are great way to enjoy surfing with your friends or family that are less experienced. We also have kayak rentals that are even better designed for novices. Families can take out their kids on the kayak. We even offer cooler rentals that you can take on that kayak with you while you’re out on the water surfing or paddling.

Our Kona surf shop is is meant to serve families and surfers alike. We also have gear for people that want to swim in the water. We sell swimwear like wetsuits bathing suits and rash guards. They also sell some shirts so you don’t have to use sunscreen. For those parts that are still exposed we  so receive sunscreen. We also have snorkel masks and swim goggles. You can rent a whole snorkel set or buy a whole snorkel set from us. We offer high-quality snorkel rentals at rock-bottom prices. We have a low price guarantee. We will beat any price out there!

Bring your family buyer Kona surf shop and we will certainly have something for you to rent. We offer surfboard rentals, paddleboard rentals, kayak rentals, snorkel gear rentals, scuba gear rentals, beach rentals, cooler rentals, beach chair rentals, Kona umbrella rentals, wetsuit rentals, electric bike rentals, and even more!

What are you looking for out of surf shop? Are you a surfer that brought their own surfboard? We can revise places to go surfing and conditions as well. There’s so many great surf spots in Kona. There are so many things to do in Kona as well! We provide the gear and equipment necessary for you to enjoy all the things to do in Kona.

Some of the things to do in Kona are riding your bike down the Alii Drive. Once you arrive at the surf spot you can use your snorkel gear or your beach rentals. See your blog about Kona’s best beaches for more information on which beaches are best for snorkeling or surfing. Some beaches are good for snorkeling and surfing it while others are good for one or the other and others are good for neither. There’s so many surf spots in Kona but some of them are better than others depending on your skill level. Come by our Kona surf shop and will tell you about which surf spots are best to go to based on your skill level and current conditions.

The possibilities are nearly endless! You can rent a surfboard and a set of beach equipment and a snorkel set and use them all at the same beach. Our Kona surfboard rentals are great for families and individuals. Are you looking for bathing suit or bikini? Are Kona surf shop has those! We have everything from swimwear to adventure gear. We also offer Kona tours for you if you’re interested in seeing sites on land or sea!

There are so many Kona tours and we can help you decide which one is best for you. There’s Big Island zip lining, ATV tours, volcano tours, bird watching, coffee tours, food tours, rum tours, circle the island tours, Mauna Kea tours, vanilla bean farm tours, and Hawaiian petroglyphs. These are just some of the tours available on land.

When it comes to the water there many many more tours. Some Kona snorkel tours include: manta ray night dive, manta ray night snorkel, dolphin snorkel, Captain Cook snorkel, submarine, parasailing, scuba diving, kayak tours, surf lessons, paddleboard lessons, pelagic snorkel, and much much more!

Our Kona surf shop strives to provide all of the activities necessary for to satisfy the entire family in the most adventurous a person. We provide this surf gear, surf apparel, and surf equipment necessary for you to have a wonderful time on the Big Island of Hawaii. Of all the things to do in Kona surfing is definitely near the top. But for those of you who are new to surfing we can provide you with guidance and help to surf and where to go. There’s so many things you can do other than surfing. For those that are new to surfing paddle boarding may be a better alternative.

Come by our shop and we can discuss opportunities for you here on the Big Island. Alii Adventures is designed with your adventures in mind. If you’re not sure where to go or what to do please give us a call at 808-431-8005 and we’d be happy to talk story with you about all the potential opportunities available here in Kona. With so many things to do in Kona we know it can be hard to decide what to do. We are here to help guide you towards the tour or activity that will give you maximum enjoyment during your precious vacation time. After spending so much time planning to come to the Big Island we want you to get your maximum enjoyment out of your time here. With the gear equipment and activities available at Alii Adventures we hope to satisfy all of your adventure needs. Visit us at our website where you can rent and reserve equipment online ahead of time so you can be sure it will be available when you need it.