Alii Adventures is Kona’s best surf shop. We provide all the gear and equipment necessary for you to have a wonderful time out at the beach, in the ocean, and underwater. Lee ventures was designed with the active individual in mind. When we built it we considered the person who likes to surf. Kona is home to many great surf spots. We rent surfboards for those people. We also rent paddleboard and kayak so that the whole family can join in on the fun. And for those who just do not like to go out on the water we also provide beach chairs umbrella and coolers sets. Even toys for the kids!

There are many great nearby beach’s spots. Even across the street from us in Kailua Bay there’s excellent paddle boarding in kayaking to be had. The snorkeling is also spectacular. Our surf shop sells rash guards to protect you while you’re surfing so you don’t have to wear as much sunscreen. They also so reef safe sunscreen. I you looking for swimsuits and sunweear? We’ve got you covered! Leave ventures carries swimsuits, bikinis, rash guards, water socks, water shoes, snorkel sets, sunglasses, and all of the things you might find at a normal surf shop.

People expect a lot out of a surf shop. Alii Adventures strives to offer all of the things people might expect at a surf shop. There’s so much to see and do in Kona Alii Adventures tries to give you the necessary tools and equipment so that you can enjoy Kona’s beautiful coast. He may be driving along the coast seeing people surfing at some of the local spots. Many of these people are visiting and they are renting their surfboards. Our Kona surf shop not only provide surfboards, we also provide boogie boards or body boards. You can rent body boards, coolers, chairs, umbrella, and much more.

What do you think of when you think of a surf shop? We certainly think of surfing but there are so many more activities that are water related. Being right next to Kailua Bay, Alii Adventures offers the gear necessary to explore it. We are the place for Kona kayak rentals. You can rent a kayak and paddle out past the surface and ride the wave in on the kayak. There’s so many possibilities when exploring the ocean in Kona. And there’s so many things to do in Kona!

We are the only Kona surf shop located in downtown Kailua Kona. Our proximity to the water allows you to get your gear and get in the water right away! Kailua Bay is a great place to paddleboard. You can rent one paddleboard for two people or one paddleboard for the whole family and take turns, or one paddleboard per person. You could even rent a kayak, paddleboard, body board, and surfboard and everybody can have a different way to float their way in the bay.

If you like to see please come by our shop we can make recommendations for beaches to visit. We be happy to talk story about all the things to do in Kona. There’s so many possibilities! Cross the street in Kailua Bay there is fishing, jet skiing, submarine rides, parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, canoe racing, and just hanging out on the beach! Believe ventures is a Kona surf shop that supplies many of these activities. We can book all sorts of amazing Kona tours for you. The possibilities are nearly endless. You could spend an entire month doing different activities every day and not even scratch the surface the that the Big Island has to offer.

Of the things to do in Kona some of the top and the elite you drive area would be surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, submarine rides, and scuba diving! Alii Adventures provide scuba diving rental equipment. We have so much gear for the active individual to keep you busy. We even have beach rentals so you can hang out on the Kona umbrella beach beer in hand sitting in a beach chair rental. We have soft coolers so you can pack them on a kayak or you can chill with them on the beach. We even provide ice to go with them. Our Kona surf shop has nearly endless possibilities waiting for you when it comes to gear rentals tours activities and much much more!

Come visit her Kona surf shop and will show you how to begin surfing and kayaking Kona. Our Kona kayak rentals are for the full whole family. We have one person kayaks, two person kayaks, and even children’s kayaks! We provide you with a kayak paddles a cooler seats for the kayaks leashes to hold the paddles to the kayaks and even snorkel gear if you want to get out and snorkeler around while your kayaking.

We also provide you with racks and always to transport our kayaks and paddleboard’s easily to your destination. Hauling a kayak long distances is easy when you have a dolly. Our rental kayaks are designed to make it easy to have fun in Kona. Among things to do in Kona paddle boarding is definitely tops. Get a paddleboard rentals from our location and walk across the street with our dolly launch the paddleboard and its easy to come back and return within just an hour. We rent paddleboard’s by the hour and by the day as well as by the week. We also rent snorkel sets and kayaks by the hour day and week. This is the same for beach rentals. Lead ventures offers the lowest rental prices for snorkel sets and other beach rentals. We have a low price guarantee offer. Nobody beats the Alii Adventures!

Our Kona surf shop has premium snorkel sets for rental. Unlike the other guys we provide you straightaway with the best snorkel gear available no up charges! It’s easy to find us. We are located on a Alii Dr right across from the King Kamehameha a hotel where Alii Drive turns into Palani. Our shack is located right next to slashers grill. We have parking around the side you can park at King cam parking lot where there’s a public lot nearby. With so many beaches nearby the opportunities are nearly endless!