When one travels to Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, there are a plethora of options to take into consideration when navigating and exploring the Big Island. Where do you start? Do you take to land options, water options, tours, independent ventures? Well, those are all great options but another highly recommended form of exploring the Big Island, and one of the most simple id to do it via a Kona kayak rental

Here at Ali’i Adventures we have high quality and the best priced  in town. Not only do we have great equipment and prices but we also have the ideal location. We are right across the road from Kailua pier. Kailua pier and the subsequent beaches on either side are the perfect launch spot for your Kona kayak rental. On the left side of the pier there is a smaller but very gently, easy beach, nicknames the ironman beach as this is where the swimming part of the Ironman race proceeds from. There are buoys heading out from this beach which provide a great direction to head in with your Kona kayak rental . It is interesting to take note of the buoys here as they have distances painted on the sides of the buoys. This is a great path to follow as much of the area beneath is a reef or in some cases patches of sand. This is also a great spot to see dolphins. They are often out in this bay playing in the early morning. To the right of the pier is the King Kam beach. This is a great spot for beginners or people a bit nervous about kayaking. It is a very protected bay leading to a white sandy beach. You can launch from here and spend some time in the bay area adjusting to the kayak before proceeding into the ocean. From here you can go either left or right. To the right you will be more exposed but there is again amazing reef. If you paddle to the left you can from here also join the Ironman path and the subsequent buoys. While you are out on your Kona kayak rental it is highly advisable to carry snorkeling gear as you never know when you might want to jump in and explore the underwater world. Many times people will kayak in the bay suddenly encounter dolphins so it is a great opportunity to jump in the water and view them in their element. Feel free to speak to the Ali’i Adventures staff about snorkeling off of your kayak as we can provide you with a tow rope; a stretchy comfortable tether that you can slip around your wrist so you can pull the kayak behind you while you are snorkeling. All the kayaks also come with leashes for their paddles. These are also stretchy tethers that are attached to the kayak so that you do not have to worry about losing the paddle should you drop it or just want to relax and let go of it. The kayaks also have bungee cords or security straps built in so should you want to take anything with you, you can strap it down here. If you are wanting to carry equipment with you that is not waterproof speak to our staff about renting or purchasing a dry bag. The Ali’i Adventures shop sells large dry bags (for clothes/ towels/ etc.) as well as small cell phone dry bags that are waterproof and allow you to use your phone through the plastic of the bag without taking it out. The dry bags we rent have two functions; dry bag and cooler. They are insulated so if you wish to rent one of these we will throw in an ice pack so you can take some cold drinks or food out on your day of adventuring in your Kona kayak rental. 

Renting a kayak with Ali’i Adventures here in Kona Hawaii, doesn’t just have perks like unbeatable prices and quality equipment but we are also very flexible in our rental times. We offer hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals and the longer you rent your kayak for the cheaper the rate becomes. We have double kayaks (seating 2 adults), single kayaks, and childrens kayaks. We will work with you to make sure you have the best deal and exactly the type of set up on the water that you were dreaming of. 

Should you never have kayaked before, do not worry. All of the staff at Ali’i Adventures is highly experienced in kayaking so you are in great hands. Just let us know that you are nervous about kayaking or have no experience and we will walk you through everything you need to know from how to put the dolly on (the wheels for taking the kayak over the road) to how to use the paddle for optimum results. We fit all of our guests with life jackets which also have whistles on. The staff at Ali’i Adventures can also spend some time with you going through great, safe, places to go kayaking to make sure you are in easy and comfortable conditions. 

Though the kayaking right over the road from Ali’i Adventures is great for your Kona kayak rental, you also have the option to take the kayak to other locations. Ali’i Adventures has soft roof racks that you can put on your car (as long as your car has a roof it will fit) and you can take your kayak anywhere on the island you should like. Some people like to pick up the kayak from us in Kona and keep it with them for the week or so while they are holidaying here which gives them the freedom to take it over the island, often to the Hilo side where there is some fantastic kayaking areas to waterfalls and over beautiful reefs. 

So whatever your intrigue may be for kayaking in Hawaii, remember that it is one of the best and simply ways to explore the Big Island!