Greetings from Ali’i Adventures as we stare out across sparkling Kailua Bay! We thought we would take some time to talk to you about Kona kayak rentals as it is one of the most enjoyed and in demand activities here in Kona and even the Big Island.

Enjoying a Kona kayak rental is a must-do during your time on Big Island, whether you live here or are just spending some time here. This is one of the best ways to view the coast line of Kona as well as the life underwater. We love paddling out in the early mornings to catch the dolphins playing in Kailua Bay or cruising across the water just to watch the sunset. Though we love jumping on a motorized boat and exploring parts of the Big Island, taking out a Kona kayak rental perfectly supplements your above water activities. Many people find kayaking very peaceful and others enjoy kayaking for the thrill of playing in the waves or jumping off the kayak, etc.

One of our favorite ways to make the most of a Kona kayak rental is to rent some snorkeling equipment as well and combine two of our favorite activities together. All of our kayaks have a section with secured bungee straps which allow for a perfect place to stow your snorkel equipment while you are heading out on the water in the kayak. Once we are out on the water and at a location where we wish to explore the reef we put on all of our snorkeling equipment and jump in. You can also speak with our friendly staff at Ali’i Adventures and they can provide you with a tow rope so that you can snorkel and tow the kayak behind you; some enjoy snorkeling this way just for the added security of having a floatation device out in the water with them. You can also speak with our staff about acquiring different forms of buoyancy aids for you to take out on your Kona kayak rental, from floatation belts and inflatable snorkel vests which provide some assistance or ease for those just wanting to take those not entirely confident in their snorkel skills.

All of our Kona kayak rentals come with life vests so our staff at Ali’i Adventures will get you fitted before sending you out on the water. The kayaks also have the option to come with a dolly; a set of wheels that allows you to pull the kayak easily over ground. In most cases, our guests will rent the kayak from the Ali’I Adventures shack and just take it across the street, on this dolly, and paddle off of either the left of the Kailua pier, the Ironman Beach, or on the beach to the right of the Kailua pier, Kamakahonu Beach. Kamakahonu Beach is a perfect launch spot for those who have not had much experience kayaking as it is extremely protected and has a sandy bottom. Once you get to this beach you can take your time getting your gear and person situated before taking to the water. This beach provides a protected bay so if you are new to kayaking it is a great spot to spend some time getting used to the kayak and paddle. You do not have to use the dolly to transport the kayak out of the Ali’i Adventure shack, you can carry the kayak should you elect though the dolly makes it much easier. When you have removed the dolly from the kayak you have three options to then care for the dolly. First, ask our staff for a bike lock and you can lock the dolly to anything you feel is secure. Secondly, strap it through one of the buckle straps on the kayak and take it with you. Thirdly, you can even run it back over the street to the Ali’i Adventures shop (though bear in mind the dolly will not be at your launch location you return.) Once you feel comfortable you can head out of the bay, on the right of Kailua pier, and you will find yourself in the beautiful Kailua Bay. Here you have the option to go right along the coastline or left to explore the bay and perhaps some of the coast line to the South.  There are some beautiful spots to the right along the reef though don’t get too close to the rocks as sometimes the wind can pick up. To the left you will have greater chances of seeing marine wildlife like dolphins.

We have a variety of kayaks when it comes to your Kona kayak rental. We have double kayaks, single kayaks, and even kayaks for kids. All of our kayaks are ocean fairing kayaks so they are very stable; enough for you to even jump off and crawl back in! They kayaks all have drain holes built in to them so should there be water that comes on board it will drain right away. The kayaks have external, sit on top seats, perfect for a sunny and humid environment, and you can adjust the seats exactly to your preference of comfort. The paddles also have leashes on them; a sort of bungee that attaches to the paddle and kayak so that should you drop the paddle or simply want to let go of the paddle while you are snorkeling or swimming, it will stay safely attached to the kayak and you will not have to worry about it. If you are thinking of spending some time on the water, talk to our staff about the option of renting a cooler to take your cold beverages and lunch out on the water for the day. Our coolers are dual function coolers in that they are soft coolers but also dry bags! They have a number of straps on them so that you can wear it like a backpack or even strap it to they kayak. Don’t head out with your cooler yet until we give you a couple of ice packs to keep your goodies cool all day long.


We look forward to talking to you further about your kayak rental needs here in Kona, Big Island!