Ali’i Adventures, across from Kailua Bay in Kona, Hawaii, is one is a one of a kind Kona surf shop. Ali’i Adventures offers surfing in different forms, from surf lessons to surf board rentals to retail for surfing like leashes, rash guards. etc.

We have an awesome location for a Kona Surf Shop. We are 5 minutes from a protected bay, Kahalu’u which is great for big island surf lessons or grab one of our rental surf boards for the hour or the day. A few miles up from Kahalu’u is a bigger break, Banyans, which is great for those a bit more experienced. If you are looking to get out of town, about a 20 minute drive heading North is Pine Trees. Waves are steady here so it is a favorite spot among surfers. Do note that it will require a 4×4 to get down the road to the beach.

On the subject of vehicles and surfing, we are a Kona Surf Shop that not only offers surfing equipment but also roof racks. Rent a board from us and we will throw in a soft roof rack for your surfboard rental kona. You might be thinking, hmmm that still probably won’t work as I have rented a convertible for my vacation, but do not worry, we have strapped multiple surf boards to convertibles with our roof racks and sent our guests off on surfing adventures with no problem!

One might wonder what kind of boards does someone rent at a Kona Surf Shop? We are big fans of soft tops. Much of Kona’s surf spots break close to reefs so the soft tops provide the flexibility should they become a little too friendly with a reef. You will notice that soft tops are becoming favorites of resident surfers for this reason…less damage to the boards and safer for us humans. We have different sizes of boards…whether we are wanting something a little more agile or something a little more stable.


For those who are completely new to surfing, it might be worth considering to take part in our surf school kona Hawaii. Of course one can do independent big island surf lessons, but for those who are looking to go from never having seen a surfboard, to taking on Jaws on Maui, we’d absolutely recommend signing up for the surf school kona Hawaii as this will give you a series of lessons and experiences so you know how to handle different conditions and perhaps even learn some different freestyle tricks. The surf school offers different forms of classes from private, one on one with an instructor, to group classes (no more than 4 students to an instructor). Our school and lessons are taught by resident surfers who have grown up with these waves and locations and know the spots better than anyone. Big Island surf lessons or surf school Kona Hawaii is a great way to enjoy the water and coastline of Hawaii and enjoy some great exercise so that you can afford to enjoy more Mai Tai’s (or shaved ice for your rugrats) at the local bar .

Every day at Ali’i Adventures we check the local swell and weather forecast as well as the supplemental ocean conditions. We have reliable agencies we get this information from but we also scout the conditions in person every morning. You can check the conditions and weather board in the shop or feel free to speak to one of our friendly staff members who will be more than happy to advise you on conditions. If you are new to the sport and potentially a bit nervous to get started they will advise you with the safest locations and conditions so you can attempt the sport without worry. While you are in the shop, spend some time checking out what else we do! We are an adventure-based company so that means we cover all forms of adventure you can think of on the big island…air, land, and water adventure. We offer most of these experiences in the form of tours. So if you are looking for kona tours check out what we have to offer; whether you are looking to zipline big island, do some kona scuba diving, check out hawaiian petroglyphs, or hike across a volcano crater, we offer a variety of kona tours. Our tours cover the entire Big Island, but don’t worry whether you are staying in Kona or in Hilo, we can arrange to pick you up from your hotel. If you’re heart is drawn strictly to the ocean for your holiday, we offer a variety of ocean-based tours as well. Whether you would like to take part in Kealakekua bay snorkeling, enjoy a historical lunch cruise down the coast, or engage in the famous manta ray dive kona, we offer it, so be sure to ask us about everything we do when you come by to arrange your surfing.

For something a little different when it comes to surfing, don’t forget that one doesn’t need to only take out a surfboard rental kona to surf. Kailua Bay, right across the street from Ali’i Adventures is a perfect place just to take out a surfboard and paddle around in the beautiful water. One of our favorite pastimes is to take a board, walk across the street, paddle out into the bay and watch the sunset…a perfect way to end an adventurous day on Big Island. One can even take out a surfboard, rent some snorkel gear and paddle out to a special snorkel spot, dragging the surf board behind with you with the leash.

There is no question as to why Hawaii houses some of the best surfing in the world. The variety of waves, unique locations and beautiful weather makes an ideal place for a surf holiday or just a holiday with which you might want to give the legendary sport a try.  Check out Ali’i Adventures kona surf shop for a perfect location, great equipment, and unbeatable prices.