Sitting in a boat or Kona Kayak and roaming around water is an amazing way to view the charms of water and oceans but what about a fusion of surfing and paddling? Yes, this is what Kona Paddle Boards has to offer. Though surfing is a very popular way to experience the blue paradise and the marine life, the stand-up paddle boards offer you the best view of the waves, fishes, reefs and the life under the clear water.

In the Hawaiian Islands, the SUP boards are gaining popularity quickly and emerging as a global Hawaiian sport. Stand-up paddle boarding is an ancient form of surfing and is popularly known as “Hoe he’e nalu”. If you are visiting Hawaii for the first time and have no idea about a Kona paddle board, this is for you.

What makes Stand-Up Paddle Boarding So Popular?

Unlike a surfing board, a stand-up Kona paddle board is smaller, somewhat between 9-12 feet or a bit longer. It has a concave hull and a padded deck that makes standing-up easier. Unlike a surf board, you don’t need to balance your weight and be on the mercy of waves, but you can guide your stand-up paddle board with the help of a paddle.

The risk of sinking with a paddle board is none because it is so large. Though you need to learn to balance your weight and you can explore the marine life with leisure.

Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the greatest ways to explore the big island water with your family and roam around the shores, corals, and fishes.

Fun For The Entire Family

Whether you have kids with you or you are spending some quality time with your partner in Hawaii, stand-up paddle boarding is always open for you. No matter you are a beginner or a pro, there are always SUP options for you. Even the kids can have the best time of their life.

You can find several kinds of SUP boards in the Kona rentals. The staff are always there to help you out. You can paddle around the Keauhou Bay, Kealakekua Bay, and the famous Captain Cook Monument to watch some of the best views in the Big Islands.

SUP Rentals And Lessons

Surfing is the most popular water sport to date but SUP boarding is not far behind. Even though the rentals are still limited around Kona, you can find some great rentals while you are enjoying your stay in Hawaii.  They offer you different kinds of Kona paddle boards as per your level of learning.

If you are new to paddling, it is imperative to take lessons before going out into the sea. The training starts with learning the basic rules and an on-land demonstration of the safety tips like properly wiping the board and basic etiquettes to stand up. The trainer teaches you the best way to stand up on the board, hold your paddle, and paddling while kneeling on the board. Then you learn to stand up while paddling as it is the most important part. This entire training is performed on land first to figure out if you have learned it in the right way.

The instructors help you out to take the board to the water and stand on paddle boards. Only after technically right training and some practice, you can start maneuvering the blue water. You can learn the advanced techniques to ride on waves only after your successful stroll into the narrow waters.

What To Expect From your Kona Paddle Board rental?

It is better to be prepared for what is coming next. Here you can get a glimpse of the big picture and what you can expect from your SUP experience. These tips can prove to be very helpful.

  • Do Not Go Far Away- When you are in your learning stage, do not go too far away into the ocean. However, you cannot learn SUP boarding among the throngs of people or rocks or the breaking waves. So, get a little far but not too far as the winds can change anytime and you can fall in the water with your legs up.


  • You Are Surely Going To Fall- Just like a kid falls while riding a bike; you need to get it in your head that you are surely going to fall while paddle boarding. It is completely okay to fall off the board and into the water


  • Avoid Using Arms- You are going to stand and paddle. It is important that you learn to use your core body parts and not your arms. If you stand properly and use the right parts, you can paddle for a longer time.


  • An Important Tip- It is a useful trick that you look into the horizon as it will balance your weight properly.

Paddle Board Tours

Once you learn to paddle, you can simply rent a Kona paddle board and enjoy some of the best views around the Big Island. It is just another level of fun watching the fishes, corals, and ocean with a bird’s eye view. You can maneuver the sea caves, waterfalls, and the large shorelines in a leisurely way with your family.

There are several companies around that offer you guided paddle tours that help you roam around the best places on the Big Island. They offer you packages including lunch at affordable prices. There are several boarding sports that you can enjoy.

Paddle Around The Big Island

Roaming around in a boat or kayak is a different experience and paddling around the clear Hawaiian water is entirely different. Take private or group lessons from the paddlers around and enjoy your trip to the beautiful Big Island. Just rent a Kona paddle board and start your water adventures.