Snorkeling is one of the best water sports that is enjoyed and loved by the people in Hawaii. At Alii Adventures on Big Island, you can find snorkeling equipment for people of all ages and sizes. There is a scope for new beginners and also the expert snorkelers. You can find high-quality gear along with guidelines on how to wear them and our staff can assist in fitting them to you.

Hawaii is known for its wide range of water sports it presents for its people and to those who go there for tourism and to explore the beautiful island with magnificent marine life. It has possibly the most pristine coral reefs in the area of the Pacific. Snorkeling here in Kona is a dream for every snorkeler out there. In and off of the Kona shore, hundreds of unique fish have been found. This place holds a special place in history and presents its peoples with one of the best water fairing experiences.

People who visit Kona always come back here to enjoy the beautiful weather and the warm waters of the Big Island all over again. The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins is another complimentary gift for people visiting Kona, Hawaii. The following are the top best Snorkeling spots reachable from the Kona coast.

  1. Two-Step at Honaunau:

This spot is a priority of many people out there in Hawaii. It has clear waters and is ideal for snorkeling. You can find several people enjoying their Kona snorkel rental here at this location and can take pleasure of the beautiful water sport with ease. It is 23 miles from Kona and takes about 40 minutes of traveling to reach here. You will be mesmerized by the calm this place provides. It’s a snorkeler’s dream to experience the clear and warm waters here.

  1. Kealakekua Bay:

This place on the island can be accessed by a boat tour and also through a kayak (with a permit) or an approximately 1 hour hike. It is an ideal location for snorkelers who love to adventure and are looking for something unique. It is 17 miles from Kona and is 34 minutes away when traveled by car.

  1. Kahalu’u Beach Park:

This sport is quite popular among the local surfers. It is loved because of calm and gentle water that makes it a popular place to snorkel and enjoy the nature. But make sure that while you snorkel, you only stay at the left side of the beach that is the south sideas the right side can be a bit rocky and wavey. This beach is 4.9 miles away from Kona, and it takes only 14 minutes to get there by car. This is a great place within Kona to take your Kona snorkel rental and enjoy some easy going snorkeling.

  1. Magic Sands Beach Park:

It is a small and fun beach in Kona. It is named so because of the type of sand at this beach. Big storms make the sand come and go overnight. This is a legendary boogie boarding spot as the waves can be quite bit but if they are smaller you can have a great snorkeling experience here. To see the more exotic corals and fish at this beach, you will have to go a few hundred yards and to the right with your Kona snorkel rental to have the most delightful sight while snorkeling.

  1. King Kam Beach:

This is a beach situated in central Kona right next to Ali’I Adventures and therefore very easy to reach. Snorkeling here is great all day long from sunrise to sunset. It provides many people renting a Kona snorkel rental with a calm bay, great reef, sandy beach, and easy access.

  1. The Beach at Honokohau Harbor:

A small beach situated at the direct north of the Honokohau Harbor will provide you an ideal spot for snorkeling. This is a popular dive spot as well. However, this beach doesn’t provide you with any facilities like lifeguards, toilets or trash cans. You must also keep an eye on the boat traffic and obey ocean traffic regulations. You will have to walk over 65 meters to reach here. Leash free dogs are also allowed at this beach.

  1. Anaeho’omalu Bay:

This beach is a protected one. It is under protection by an offshore reef and the surrounding shoreline from the high surf. It is an ideal spot to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and also to have fun while snorkeling, a great place to take your Kona snorkel rental. It is located 25.6 miles away from Kona and is a time of 37 minutes by car.

  1. Mauna Lani Resort:

This resort has a small beach called Makaiwa bay. It is at the south end of the resort property. You will get an easy entry and exit from here and will be able to see the shallow reef and fish. Many coral heads, octopus, and eels are also found here. The waters are clear here with great visibility for schools of fish and a great reef. This is an ideal spot for you and your Kona snorkel rental.


Snorkeling is viewed as on of the most memorable and historical activities on the Big Island. The gentle manta rays that are as large as 18  feet glide around the warm waters and though mostly spotted at night, can sometimes been seen during the day. Look at the kona snorkel tours to get as close as a nose length distance from when they feed at night. These majestic animals and all the beautiful fish and coral reefs are a major attraction of masses from around the world to come to the Big Island and experience what must not be left out on your bucket list. Snorkeling and other water sports experiences are sure to make a big bright moment in memory lane. Come to Hawaii and take away memories that will be afresh forever. Anyone who comes here once, can’t resist from coming here again. You are here to enjoy this magical place and have fun; the rest is upon Ali’i Adventures to make sure all your adventurous dreams are met.