Ali’i Adventure Shack is your ALL PURPOSE Kona Surf Shop.  At Ali’i Adventure Shack we aim to be much, much more than a Kona surf shop.  We are an all-around, all-purpose Adventure company. We offer all of the services of a normal Kona surf shop but we add so much more to our services.  The Big Island is so diverse in so many ways and there is so much to see and to do on this island that we want to offer the best chance for you to have the best experience possible.  If we don’t offer the adventure or the experience that you are looking for we can find the operator that does, whether that’s a traditional kona surf shop or a specific tour in a specific part of the island. 


I do know that we at Ali’i Adventures can keep you busy every day of your vacation with what we have to offer.  We love when you come to visit and talk story with us.  We love the Big Island and what it offers and we love to share that with you.  Part of the joy each of us at Ali’i Adventures is sharing and learning more about the Big Island every day.  


We call it a Kona Surf Shop but it is so much more than that. It is a Kona Lifestyle Shop. 


We rent surfboards, Boogie boards, paddleboards, LightSup paddleboards – they are see through on the front!!, wet suits – full and shorty and vests, single kayaks, double kayaks, snorkels, masks, fins, full snorkel sets, full scuba sets for shore diving, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, coolers, and dry bags.  We even rent Electric bicycles!!!  We have enough things for you and your entire family to do that you will all have to go home so you can get some rest from you adventures.


A couple of the great advantages we have over the average Kona surf shop is the passion of the owners and the staff here at Ali’i Adventures and also the location of the Ali’i Adventure Shack.  Every person that works for here is passionate about the ocean and adventure in general and there is expertise and experience in every field.  Our charter directors and guides have years of experience on and in the ocean as competitors, enthusiasts, guides and directors.  Also, if we don’t know the answer, we can find the expert that does.  Our sister companies have individual divemasters with thousands of dives each and years of experience on the Big Island. The other great advantage is our location at the corner where Palani Road turns into Ali’i Drive.  We are directly across from the pier and you can walk to a beach to launch your kayak or paddleboard within two minutes of leaving the Shack.  We will even help you carry your gear to the beach or your car to help you get started.  This Kona surf shop will go an extra two miles for you. 


Our location right on Kailua Bay lets you swim and paddle with Hawaiian spinner dolphins less than five minutes from the Shack. Did you know that the Hawaiian spinner dolphin is actually sleeping for most of the day? They literally turn off one half of their brain and swim and recover while sleeping so they will be ready to hunt and feed throughout the night.  While snorkeling in Kailua Bay you can see Yellow tang, Kole tang, parrotfish, boxfish, porcupine pufferfish, morey eels and even an octopus!  Remember your Reef Safe sunscreen and after sun lotion.  If you do not want to wear any sunscreen – the best option for the reef – you can always purchase a premium performance Anetik swim shirt or rash guard.  Let’s keep the reef healthy for the keiki!!


If you want to extend your adventure to more areas of the Big Island we can do that also.  Like we said, this is not a normal Kona surf shop.  We have tours available for Scuba Diving, Zip Lining, Coffee tasting, LightSUP sunset and sunrise paddle board tours, Kona Coastal Manta Ray snorkeling, Kona Coastal Manta Ray scuba diving, Mauna Kea ATV tours, Custom Boat charters, Brewery Tour, Kuleana Rum Experience Tour, Big Island Circle tour, Volcano Tour…… How much time do you have? We can fill it up!! But we will not just fill it up, we will fill it with memories.  When you get home and people ask, “How was it?” we hope that you’ll answer, “It was what I wanted!”


A few words about some of the tours. Have you ever swam with a fifteen foot wide, fifteen hundred pound animal?  Kona Coastal Manta Rays are an experience like no other.  Fifteen feet wide and fifteen hundred pounds and it swim with the grace of angels. They are able to come within inches of you and not touch you while they swallow plankton. These majestic animals have no teeth and not “stingers or barbs” on their tails.  They only want to eat and to visit. Along with dolphins and whales they are the most intelligent animals in the ocean, even being aware of themselves in a mirror in captivity, not that we want any of them in captivity.  They swim constantly and feed up to 20 hours each day in order to ingest 3-5 percent of their body weight each day…..yes, that means a one thousand pound Manta Ray can eat between 30-50 pounds of plankton a day!!!


Do you want to see a volcano?  We have a tour for that.  Do you like rum? We have a tour for that. Do you want a nice secluded beach to relax on? We will gear you up and give you step by step directions, we will even point you to the used book store to find the perfect reading material.  


This is not your normal Kona Surf Shop. This is the Kona Surf Shop you’ve been waiting for.  This is Ali’i Adventures.