Kona being a part of Hawaii, is famous for its warm tropical waters and diverse marine life. Having an experience of snorkeling on the waters of Kona is a lifetime experience. The warm, clear water has plenty of fish and corals that are beautiful for the ye to see. The lava rocks are embedded in them to make a stunning snorkel. Many people from around the world visit this diverse city to enjoy the wonders it has to present. It is almost always sunny in this capital of the big Island. It’s always easy to have fun in Kona. A trip made to Hawaii is a trip remembered and cherished forever. A diverse range of activities are possible to be outdone in Kona, and some of them are listed below.

  1. Beaches:

Beaches are the biggest attraction in Kona. Some activities and sports can be enjoyed on the Kona beach. Many people visit the capital of the big Island to enjoy these water sports. You can enjoy surfboarding, kayaking, and boat riding in Kona waters. The Kona surf shop provides whatever one needs to enjoy the fun and adventures of water sports.

  1. Camping:

In and around Kona, numerous places will make an excellent campsite location. There are beach parks and campsites all over Big Island where you can set up your camp and enjoy outdoor life. There is nothing better than having the sight of the rising or setting sun straight from your bedroom, right? Surrounded by nature gives a fresh pump to the human body and hence gives your soul a new breather.

  1. Scuba Diving:

If you are looking forward to getting away from the crowds and be surrounded by the calm nature around, then scuba diving in Hawaii is the thing for you. You can get the pieces of equipment needed form the Kona surf shop and live an experience you will remember for ages. There is an underwater paradise that awaits you in the waters of Hawaii, Kona.

  1. Snorkeling:

The warm tropical waters of Hawaii are known for the aquatic life they contain in. The diverse marine life has all the beauties in them that one can imagine seeing underwater. The warm and clear water has plenty of fish with colorful bright coral reefs. These are mixed with lava rocks and hence make the most stunning view for those who come for snorkeling in Hawaii. The goggles and masks needed for snorkeling can easily be found at any Kona surf shop in Kona, Hawaii.

  1. Have a swim with the dolphins:

Dolphins are the jolliest water creatures you may find. They love being around humans and are always found playing with them. You can have a dolphin best friend for a day in the waters of Kona, Hawaii. Those who have swum with the dolphins in Hawaii state it as the most memorable experience of their lives. It would be best if you took your waterproof camera along as well. And you can find all the equipment you will need to go underwaters at any Kona surf shop near the beaches or online.

  1. Ziplining:

Who doesn’t enjoy some thrill and risk in life? Well, ziplining is for those who have no height fear and who love solving expeditions. In this activity, you are attached to a harness that is linked to a rope, which makes you hung between a high and low point. These ziplines are built over scenic areas to let the volunteer enjoy his best tour.

  1. Surfing:

Hawaii has given birth to a water sport called surfing or surfboarding. You can do surfing of all levels being at the Big Island. Riding on the waves is an attraction for all, and everyone does this in Kona. People from foreign countries travel to Hawaii each year to enjoy this water sport at its finest. You may find all that you need to enjoy the surfing experience in Kona from any Kona surf shop with ease. If you have experienced this game, then you are missing out on a lot. You can even signup to learn the art of surfing at a local surf school in Kona.

  1. Biking:

You can enjoy the zealous adventure of biking over the coast in Hawaii. You can rent a bike from bike rentals in Kona or an e-bike directly from us and have a ride on the Big Island to fill your spirit up with energy and your body with adrenalin. You can also drive your bike up to the volcano National Park in Hawaii  and enjoy a downhill run on the bike.

  1. Kealakekua Bay:

Located in the on the coast of Kona, the lush and tropical Kealakekua Bay is a place of the most amazing coral reefs. This Bay has the best snorkeling spots you will find in the entire Big Island. This lush tropical region also holds a place in history as it contains many archaeological and historical sites. This place deserves to be visited. You will be amazed by the beauty of Hawaiian waters. All the things you need at the Bay can be rented by the Kona surf shop available in the region.

These were only a few of the amazing outdoor sports that you can enjoy in Kona, Hawaii, and around it. There is no end to the beauty and adventures of this place. You will always find something worthwhile in your visit to the Big Island. Apart from the fun it provides, Hawaii is also a welcoming place for all the visitors and tourists that come to the region seeking fun and adventure. There are many tour guides and item rental companies here that don’t let you get lost in the Big Island. You will always find help in Kona for anything you need to have the best trip. Plan your next trip to this place of wonders and natural beauties to make lifetime memories. Kona, Hawaii welcomes you to its waters and its beautiful scenic landscapes.