History is always a beautiful ingredient of any place. It carries all the ancient trends and significant traditions about the people who lived in the region. People often feel quite attached to the history of the places where they live. The same is for the Big Island. Hawaii is an island known for its beautiful golden beaches, tumbling waterfalls, and a nightlife that is beyond beauties of this world. The golf courses and many outdoor adventures here in Hawaii are a staple for everyone visiting this island. Many people visit Hawaii each year to experience a life close to nature and full of fun and adventurous days. Same as these outdoor adventures and natural treasures of Hawaii, another important thing is its history that it transcends. Among many of these sights seeing locations in Hawaii, one is the Petroglyphs. They are mystic carvings made on stones that attract tourists from around the world to see and praise. You might need some through information about the mysterious etchings made on lava rock, which is as under.

What are Petroglyphs in Hawaii?

Petroglyphs, also are known as kii pohaku, are carvings made on lava rocks that were etched into stones centuries ago by native Hawaiians. The true meaning behind these carvings is still unknown. The most popular idea behind these carvings is that they are records of births and other important events of the lives of Hawaiian natives. People who lived here long-ago used stones to remember important dates of their lives. But who knows these carvings were for some other reason that we still haven’t been able to comprehend? But whatsoever is the reason behind these etches. We, people of the present, are sure to enjoy and praise the neatness and detailing of these beautiful lava rock carvings.

Where can I find the largest Hawaiian Petroglyphs fields?

There are many Hawaiian petroglyphs fields on the Big Island, but the largest one is in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at the coastal end of Chain of Craters Road. There you can find Puuloa Petroglyph, which is one of the largest petroglyph fields on the big island. Here you will find more than 23,000 images etched on to lava rocks. It is located at a 1.4-mile hike, and you may find hot, wet, dry, or windy weather conditions. Apart from this park, you can find some more petroglyphs in the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. It is located about three miles north of Histories Kailua Village that is scattered around 1160-acre parks. This park not only provides you with petroglyph sightings but also Hawaiian fishponds, stone slides, and temples. More places that have Hawaiian petroglyphs are Puako Petroglyph Archeological Preserve in the Mauna Lani Resort, on the Waikoloa Resort, Ala Kahakai Trail and Waikoloa petroglyphs.

How can I visit the Hawaiian Petroglyphs?

The petroglyphs in Hawaii are a sight to behold. Especially for people who are interested in the history and belongings of people of the past. You can visit the petroglyphs in Hawaii you can make a reservation with the authorities of the region and visit the place on the assigned day and date. The reservation companies provide a great way to let you enjoy the best time while viewing these historical stones. The touring companies in Hawaii provide you with the best adventures. You can rent one for the assigned time and can make sure that you don’t miss a single detail of the place that holds historical importance. It is suggested that you stay on the path and the viewing platforms assigned for sightseeing. And also, do not touch the carvings as doing so may ruin the carvings that have survived for centuries.

Should I need to travel kit items for seeing petroglyphs in Hawaii?

Traveling to Hawaii is in itself a whole adventure, but seeing its sights and adventurous spots is another fun-filled and memory-making way. Seeing the petroglyphs in Hawaii will require you to carry a hike for a while, and hence you should carry with your hiking essentials. It would help if you had water bottles, walking sticks, some snacks, and hand sanitizers to keep your hands clean after the outdoor adventure. If the day is hot, you should carry umbrellas as well. To make your Hawaiian petroglyph seeing experience more fun, make sure to wear shoes that will help you wake with ease during the hike. Make sure to take your cameras with you to keep the memory of this sight forever in your digital spaces.

How long should I spare for my petroglyph seeing trip?

Hawaiian petroglyphs are expanded over huge fields that vary in sizes. Many times, it might only take 30 minutes to explore the field, and sometimes if you want to explore the whole of them, you might need as many as four hours to have a full adventure in the fields of Hawaiian petroglyphs. Though the average time taken to explore these fields is one hour. You can have full fun-filled experience in an hour and come back refreshed with the ancient Hawaiian history.


Hawaiian petroglyphs are included in the spots of the adventure of the Big Island. They are loved by people of this place and also by visitors traveling to Hawaii from around the world. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise while having the sight of these ancient rock carvings made by old Hawaiian people. The real and true purpose of these rock etchings is still unknown, but many people think that they represent important dates such as birthdays and other events of ancient Hawaiian people. It’s still a mystery of why and how these people made the etchings, but they sure are cool to see. Hundreds of people fly to Hawaii to have a beautiful sight, and a history enriched lava rock etchings. You can easily rent hiking and adventure companies who will help you enjoy a safe adventure through the history of Hawaii and what those people left for us to see. When are you flying to Hawaii to have the sight of these artistic sightings made on lava rock?