Kona is a place full of adventures and thrilling experiences. One can never feel bored while being in Kona, and nothing less than amazing will happen during your stay in Kona. Hawaii is a place that attracts tourists and adventure seekers from around the world each year. People who are in search of doing some thrill-filled things in life come to Hawaii and Kona specifically. This location presents the most memorable, nature-filled, and soothing experiences that can make anyone’s day or, in fact, can change lives. These life-changing moments are waiting for you to explore the beauty of Kona.

1.Manta ray snorkel:

The best place for getting into the natural habitat of manta ray and to swim with them in Hawaii. In Kona, you can experience the most eye-opening and magnificent experience of swimming between gigantic manta rays. The best time to have this experience is during the night. You can locate some places that are known to have the most population of manta ray and get into the waters to snorkel between them. You can observe them as they feed on plankton and glide smoothly in the water. The lighting that attracts the plankton can be another view to see and be amazed by. Later, when you go home with all the memories collected, you will be able to see the most enthralling experience of your life and enjoy it forever.

2. Sightseeing: waterfall and volcano watching

Kona presents the most attractive places to go for sightseeing on. You can explore the volcano sites spotted in the city here and there. You can set on Kona tours that involve sightseeing of all of these places involving volcanoes, waterfalls, and other places. This trip can be enjoyed by people of all ages as there is minimal walking involved to move from one place to another. Weather ups and downs are also handled by the tourists to provide you with the best trip.

3. Mauna Kea Summit and Stars adventure tour:

These  Kona tours are one of the sky-gazing trips. You can travel up Mauna Kea for stargazing and sunset watching trou with a small group. You can leave the drive off-road to professionals and have rid of Kona to a historic Hawaiian ranch where you can enjoy a picnic dinner. From here, you can set out to the tallest peak in Big Island for sunset gazing, and then you will be provided with the most powerful telescopes to look through the sky into the far off constellations from Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station. Your guide will provide you with all the commentary, and you will be provided with jackets and hot chocolate to keep you warm.

4. Snorkel and Dolphin Watch Adventure:

Have the most smooth swim through the marine life of Kona through this Kona tour into the waters. You will explore the coast of Kona and the surrounding waters. You can explore the reefs in the protected under reef sanctuary and see how beautiful nature is in underwater of Kona, and you will also have the opportunity to observe pods of passing spinner dolphins.

5. Island Breeze Luau on the Big Island:

Through one of its kind Kona tours, you can dig deep into the culture and cuisine of Hawaii while setting out on a spectacular Island Breeze Luau. The evening beauty you will experience here will be something you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Here you will get a traditional shell-lei welcome. There will be an amazing torch-lighting ceremony, a royal passion, and even more. Have the most scrumptious dinner here and a bar to soothe your touring tiredness away.

6. Big Island Hawaii Grand Circle Island Tour:

If you are in a time budget, then going out on this Kona tour will be ana ideal thing to do while being in Kona. To maximize your time on Big Island and explore the place independently, you can have this tour. You can shuffle into the scenery of Kona and look into places like Royal Kona Coffee Centre and also the Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park etc.

7. Big Island Parasailing Experience:

Now explore the beautiful Hawaiian grounds form a birds-eye view through parasailing experience. These Kona tours are family-friendly adventures that can take up one to three people on every flight. Look out into the beautiful Kona Coast while you get as high as 800 feet into the Hawaiian skies. You will have a smooth and safe experience in this adventure and will land safely on to the boat before you hit back the shore.

8. Helicopter flight:

Have a pre-booking done on a helicopter tour in Hawaii for a time that suits you best. Your seat will be booked, and you will be allowed to start imagining how your journey will be. You can admire the volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, and every beautiful sight of Kona form above while you get live commentary from your pilot. You will also get a choice of departure as you can fly from Kona hotel pickups and can also get a window seat up-gradation done to add more flexibility and comfort during your ride.


All these Kona tours will make you believe how beautiful Hawaii is and how much fun one can have here. This place is a perfect place for those who like exploring nature and those that are in search of soothing their stress away by getting out of their monotonous life routines. Hawaii welcomes all of the tourists from around the world to come and see the beauties that Kona is blessed with. Nature is the most thrilling way to know how good life is and how less your worries can be once surrounded by nature. Explore Kona through these Kona tours and have fun.